No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2478

Crying was pointless, and they needed to find a way out. Thinking of this, an idea crossed Grayson’s mind.

He abruptly turned around and said, “There is something we can do right now, though!”

This stunned Jackie and Rudy for a moment.

They then turned to see Grayson facing the spiritual vessel, pointing at the door as he said, sounding all too sure of himself, “The door isn’t broken yet! We can still use the door!”

Jackie hurriedly asked, “Is it not broken? Can it still be closed?”

Grayson took a deep breath as Grayson wiped his face with his hand.

After calming himself down thoroughly, Grayson said, “I actually forgot about that. My master once had a small spirit vessel like this, but he sold it for a middle-sized one eventually.

“Even though there are a lot of problems with spiritual vessels like this and it’s low priced, there are still some practical functions. There’s more than one way to open and close the door. This is to prevent the occupants from being unable to get out if the array is ruined.

“There’s a button to open and close the door on the side of the vessel. The button is also a small array itself. As long as spirit crystals are placed inside, the door can be activated!”

Grayson did not wait for any reaction from Jackie and Rudy as he hurried over and entered the vessel.

He felt around the sides of the door and quickly exclaimed happily, “I found it! It’s right here! Oh, thank goodness-we’d still be able to hide if there’s any danger. I just don’t know how powerful of an attack the spirit vessel can handle, though…”

Grayson’s words not only sparked hope within Rudy, but it relieved Jackie as well.

Jackie’s tense self relaxed a little as he quickly walked into the small vessel.

He followed where Grayson was pointing and saw a small array that glowed faintly. That was the button to activate the door of the vessel. There were still various runes lit up around the array. Compared to the runes that controlled the vessel, the runes there did not seem affected at all. They could still operate normally!

Rudy exclaimed happily, “Oh, thank goodness! The heavens are on our side! I thought that we’re sure to be beast-food back there, and I can’t believe we’ve been given a lifeline like that. It’ll let us survive a little longer, at least.”

Grayson frowned as he looked at Rudy. “Can you stop with the depressing words? As long as we can figure out a good plan, we might even be able to leave.

“Even though we noticed the hair of a one eyed frost wolf earlier, it doesn’t mean every beast around here is on the same level. The one-eyed frost wolf might not even have mattered yet.

“That’d mean the beasts living around here would all be at the innate stage, which is good news for us!”

Grayson’s eyes glimmered with hope all while he spoke.

He coughed lightly before he added, “We all know that beasts have their own territories they are active in. Low-level beasts will never enter the territories of high-level beasts.

“As long as we can make sure that the beasts around here aren’t that highly leveled, then we’ll be able to escape as long as we’re careful. We can also try to figure out how far out we are by seeing how the beasts are distributed!”


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