No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2477

Alas, massive trees lined his sight wherever Jackie looked, and he could not even make out the cardinal directions, let alone walk out of the forest. He exhaled a long sigh.

Just as he was planning the next course of action, Jackie suddenly heard a rustle. With a frown on his face, he snapped at Grayson and Rudy, “Shut up right now! Something’s coming!”

Both Grayson and Rudy shuddered at Jackie’s warning,and their sobs ceased instantaneously.

The way the two of them were acting earlier, they had completely ignored the fact that their wails could attract any nearby beasts,

They both did not even dare release the breath they held after Jackie’s warning.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as his ears perked to detect the sounds around them. He tried to observe his surroundings as he sent out his senses to feel everything around him.

They were in a foreign place at that moment, where danger could happen at any moment. If they were not careful, the three of them truly could end up being beastfood.

After all, everything alive around them were high-level fiends, and even Jackie was just in the innate stage. If a divine solidifying realm fiend appeared, the three of them would die in a single blow.

The rustles from earlier were heard again. Jackie took a deep breath as his sharp eyes shifted to the source of the noise. What he saw was a golden three-headed snake ślithering toward them.

That three-headed snake was, thankfully, an ordinary beast that posed no danger at all.

When the trio realized that it was the snake all along, Grayson and Rudy finally loosened up and regained their breathing. Nonetheless, the two of them no longer dared to sob so loudly.

Rudy wiped away his tears with his sleeve. “This truly is a wretched place! I can’t even cry loudly… I don’t even know when I’ll die!”

Grayson sighed, not saying anything. Jackie, meanwhile, merely stood there quietly. His eyes continued to observe their surroundings.

After a moment, Jackie suddenly remarked, his tone low and calm, “We still don’t know if we can leave this place or not, but the first thing we need to do is make sure we’re safe for now.

“We’ll die instantly if any high-level beasts appear, especially without good preparations.”

Jackie was nowhere near as erratic as Rudy and Grayson.

Rudy raised his eyebrows and looked at Jackie strangely. Rudy noticed that Jackie had become exceptionally serious and cold ever since they got to that forsaken place.

It was as if Jackie would not be scared at all no matter what they encountered, a stark contrast to himself and Grayson.

Rudy lightly snorted. “Don’t tell me you’re not afraid at all. Aren’t you worried you’ll die here? What’s the point of acting so level-headed for? Are you trying to make me and Grayson look like fools?”

Jackie was reaching his limit with him, wanting so badly to smack him squarely across the face at that moment.

This brat, Rudy seemed to be so competitive no matter when it was. No matter in what way, Rudy seemed to want to be better than Jackie.

Jackie could not be bothered to answer that question. Instead, Jackie earnestly said, “The question we need to think about now is what we’ll do if any danger happens later.”In truth, you two are just slowing me down, and I’m just saying all of this to give you a chance to live. If the two of you want to continue moping around and venting instead of hurrying up and finding a way out, then that’s your problem.”

Jackie’s words were rather harsh to the ear, but they managed to snap both Rudy and Grayson out of their mini-episode.

Grayson frowned.

Even though Jackie’s words were rather insensitive, they were no doubt useful words to heed at a moment where lives were at stake.


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