No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2476

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he suddenly asked Rudy, “Can you tell what realm my strength is at?”

Rudy was taken aback for a moment before he looked up.

He used his senses to assess Jackie’s strength for a good while before, eventually, his lips twitched somewhat awkwardly.

“I can’t! So what, though?” scoffed Rudy haughtily.

“No matter how strong you are, you’re probably at the middle-stage of the innate level at most!”

Jackie smiled wryly, not saying anything.

Grayson frowned and asked, “Did you learn some skill that lets you hide your strength? Why can’t I tell what realm you are either?”

Jackie shook his head; he did not learn anything of such sorts.

The internal damage he had suffered back then was what caused his strength to seem like it was concealed

Jackie decided to make use of his situation the moment he noticed this. He deliberately did not heal some of the injuries, wanting to prevent others from studying him.

Rudy and Grayson, on the other hand, were not that strong.

They were two whole levels below him.

On top of the fact that he had deliberately hid his strength, there was no way for these two to know how strong he was. That was precisely the effect Jackie had wanted.

Rudy choked as he threw away the white fur on his hand. “Alright, you two tell me: what are we supposed to do? How do we get out of here?

“We can’t even control the spiritual vessel, let alone repair it. If we want to get out, we’ll have to walk out on foot. Yet, we don’t even know where this place is…”

At that moment, the tears on Rudy’s face started to fall again. The fear of the unknown future made him lose his composure.

Two out of the three of them had plunged into hopelessness.

The tears gathered in their eyes for a long time before they finally started falling. What started out as soft sniffs turned into full-blown sobs.

Rudy felt like he was in a state of complete forlornness.

Jackie watched on as the two of them crie pathetically, his lips twitching in exasperation in the process.

Those who did not know what was happening would think they had lost their parents.

These two, prior to this whole mess, pompously paraded themselves before him, and their arrogance even shot through the roof.

They had so much pride in themselves that it did not seem like it could be shaken! Jackie understood that they had merely been putting on a show. The moment they faltered, their hearts shattered.

“I really don’t want to die,” whimpered Rudy. “I’ve just started on my path, and I still have such bright days in front of me! Life truly is cruel to me if I die here!”

Grayson was deeply affected by Rudy’s words.

Grayson’s talents were even better than Rudy’s. Grayson had been able to receive all the benefits he wanted to in the Rosefinch Pavilion, yet he himself had fallen into such a despairing pit.

He was about to die in a deserted forest. Not even his body would be left behind.

Grayson sobbed as he said, “What do we do next?! I don’t want to die here! If we keep waiting here, we’ll probably end up having lunch for those beasts soon!”

The moment he thought that he might be ripped apart and swallowed by the beasts that lurked in the area, Grayson’s eyes darkened with despair.

He almost fell to the ground at that moment.

Jackie looked on as Grayson and Rudy wailed and lamented about their fates. He sighed helplessly before he turned to look deeper into the forest.

It was pointless to weep; what mattered most at that moment was finding a way to survive.


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