No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2475

Jackie, Grayson, and Rudy were so agitated during the fall of the vessel that they had not had the time to wonder where they were.

At this moment, they finally had a good look, and a hopeless feeling filled their bodies.

Looking at their surroundings, they were definitely deep in those mountains that no one ever got out of. Danger lurked in every corner too, no doubt.

The lack of any hint of civilization meant that the place was not suited for martial artists. The three of them were not that strong. It would be incredibly difficult for them to return peacefully.

Rudy looked over at a massive root toward the east. “What’s that?” He quickly rushed toward the direction he had stared at.

Jackie and Grayson turned their heads and saw Rudy kneeling next to the root as he picked up a strand of white hair.

Jackie and Grayson immediately walked over and stared at the strand of white hair. Rudy blew at the hair.

An icy aura strangely permeated on the hair strand, and all of a sudden, Rudy’s hand that held it began to tremble.

“This is a strand of hair from a one-eyed frost wolf!” After saying that, Rudy’s expression rapidly fell into despair.

Jackie frowned. He did not know what kind of beast the one-eyed frost wolf was, but the expressions of the other two told him it was no ordinary fiend.

Rudy sat down as he went on, “Just a simple sweep revealed a strand of hair from a one-eyed frost wolf! That means that…there are countless high-leveled beasts here!”

Saying that, Rudy started to cry again. This time, he was destroyed by hopelessness.

Jackie could no longer hold himself back. “What level is the one-eyed frost wolf?”

Jackie’s words effectively stunned both Rudy and Grayson. The two of them turned around and looked at Jackie dubiously.

Rudy snorted. “Do you not even know what a one-eyed frost wolf is? You might be talented, but you don’t even know basic knowledge…”

Jackie rolled his eyes, ignoring Rudy’s words. They could think whatever they wanted to. Rudy was not as obstinate as before.

In that difficult place, Rudy’s thoughts were in disarray. After moving Jackie, he started to explain.

“The one-eyed wolf is a common beast in the Middle Province. They’re at the innate stage in their youth. Once they mature, they’ll break through, becoming spring solidifying realm beasts.”

Hearing that, Jackie could not help but frown. The situation did not seem to tip in their favor. The beast would actually reach the spring solidifying realm upon maturity.

It seemed like most of the beast around the area would be around that stage.

To Grayson and Rudy, they could probably deal with acquired stage beasts. Innate stage beasts would be incredibly difficult, however, as were spring solidifying realm ones.

If they encounter a spring solidifying realm beast in the end, the other two would probably not even need to struggle. They would be killed in one swipe of a claw.


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