No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2474

Rudy felt the same way as Grayson did. Phoenix Valley was no longer somewhere he wanted to go. He did not even want to be a disciple of the alliance anymore. He would rather live than ‘strive and improve himself’!

Jackie pursed his lips, speechless at the sight.

Rudy looked like he had been injected with false bravado as he continued, “As long as we can find someone or a place with a hint of civilization, we’ll be able to find a transport array. Once we determine where we need to go, we’ll be able to go back. We can’t panic at a time like this!”

Rudy’s words seemed to calm Grayson as he felt like Rudy’s words made sense. As long as they could find civilization, they would be able to determine where they were and how they should proceed.

He had decided to never go anywhere else upon returning safely. He would obediently stay in Rosefinch Pavilion, the safest haven there was. He would live a good life.

He did not want to go through any of those scary dangers again.

At that moment, something-or somewhere-within the vessel snapped.

Something had to be damaged or faulty in the vessel, an aftermath of the attack they had suffered from earlier.

The three of them stiffened, their expressions changing. The runes on the board started to light up haphazardly. The next moment, the vessel lost its balance and started to fall from the sky!

Jackie, Grayson, and Rudy panicked.

Thankfully, the vessel had not been completely wrecked. Even though they were falling, it was not at an alarming breakneck speed at all.

After a while, a loud bang was heard, sending all three of them into the air due to the impact of the crash.

The speed of the drop was something they could still control. Still, even though it was shocking, they were not injured.

After the vessel hit the ground, it stopped all operations, and even the control array was destroyed. That could have been the reason why the door to the vessel opened automatically

A rotten smell came from outside. The three of them exchanged glances, none of them saying anything in the process. The rotten stench carried a lingering moisture to it, too.

All three of them were unsettled by the new setting. It was obvious from the gasses that came into the vessel that they were not in a good environment.

Jackie looked up and, ignoring the other two, started to walk out of the vessel. The moment he walked out of the vessel, he was greeted with a sea of green.

He was surrounded with massive trees that reached the sky, though Jackie did not recognize any of the trees. The roots were incredibly thick and large.

The rotten stench they had smelled was caused by decaying leaves on the ground. The surroundings were incredibly humid, discomforting Jackie in the process.

It was an ancient forest. Even a cursory investigation made it obvious that no one had come here before.

Jackie started to feel a sense of urgency and anxiety that he could not suppress.

“Where is this place? What are those trees? They’re so tall and thick! Do the two of you know anything? I’ve never seen these trees before! I’ve never seen them in ancient records either! Are we still in Middle Province?” spoke Rudy, his voice unstable as he rambled.

Grayson shook his head, his face rather pale. “I don’t know! I’ve never seen it before either. I don’t really read many ancient records, but it’s the first time I’ve seen trees like this.

“They even cover up the sky, and there’s barely any sunlight getting through. What kind of trees are they? What is this place?” Grayson seemed to be choking up as he spoke,


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