No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2473

The questions on Jackie’s mind surfaced again. What happened? Why was there an ambush? Jackie’s eyes glinted as he looked at what had been thrown inside.

It was a red crystal, one with an uneven, bumpy surface. Upon closer inspection, energy was flowing within it.

The fact that this was thrown into the vessel right in the nick of time meant that this item was no ordinary crystal, but…what was this thing? What did it have to do with the ambush? There was not enough information, so Jackie could not make any guesses.

“Don’t just stand there! Where are you going?! There were two people controlling the vessel before, and they knew where to go. Where… What do we do now?!” whimpered Rudy between sobs.

Jackie frowned as he turned.

Aston had used the last of his strength to issue a command, activating the vessel again. However, the three of them did not know how long the command would last, or where the vessel was heading.

“Each spirit vessel requires lots of spirit crystals as an energy source,” explained Grayson, albeit anxiously. “It also needs a professional to maneuver it for it to move normally.”

Rudy nodded. “Right then, what do we do? Do the two of you know how to use the array on the vessel? We need to know where we should go, at least!”

Jackie and Grayson shook their heads. Of course, Jackie had Mustard Seed, but Mustard Seed had an amazing self-piloting ability. After Jackie was recognized as the owner, all he needed to do was issue a command, and it would head toward the place itself.

However, a small vessel like that was different. It needed to be controlled by someone at every second. No one knew where the vessel would end up if it merely flew around without any directions.

Jackie let out a sigh. He knew that he could not rely on anyone else at that moment. He took a few steps forward as he headed toward where the array was.

He might have the memories of two great warriors, but the great warriors came from a first-class realm. The Divine Void World did not have any small vessels like that.

As for the small vessel’s control methods, they had no clue about it. With the way things were, Jackie was helpless as well.

The array that controlled the vessel was about a meter wide, and various glowing lights lit up the array. On it were countless runes, jumping around.

Jackie could see every rune there was, but he could not understand a single one of them nor did he know how to control it.

The other two were right behind Jackie, unable to understand a single thing as well. This sent them into a moment of absolute panic.

At that moment, the three of them were practically blind, having no idea on what they could do to salvage the situation.

After a long time, Rudy said, “Don’t be so sad. Even though we don’t know how to control it, we’ve at least avoided danger. As long as our lives are not threatened, we can go back!”

Grayson snorted. “I won’t return to Phoenix Valley! I want to go back to Rosefinch Pavilion. Once this vessel stops, I’ll return to Rosefinch Pavilion immediately!”

What had happened during the ambush left a lasting trauma for Grayson, and it left him utterly shaken like a vulnerable duckling. He wanted nothing more than to hide back into his nest, far from the dangers in the world.


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