No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2472

Jackie frowned as he started to retreat, trying his best to shrink into his corner. He had no idea who had even opened the vessel’s door, nor did he know what the goal had been in opening the door either.

He decided hiding would be the best course of action for the time being, all for the sake of avoiding anything unsavory.

“Perfect, it’s open. Remember: leave no one alive!” came a voice from outside, evidently an order of the sort.

Those words seemed like a death sentence for all of them in the vessel. Grayson and Rudy were so scared that they nearly pissed themselves.

“Don’t kill me!” shrieked Rudy. “I don’t know anything; I’m just a student! Don’t kill me!”

They had not even seen the person meant to kill them when Rudy burst out into pleas. Jackie felt like Rudy might end up fainting in the process. He, a true coward in the end, dared to act like he was something, like he was majestic.

What a joke Rudy was.

Rudy, having lowered himself into such a pathetic state, was followed by Grayson who began to plead for his life, wailing and begging. They discarded everything else and rushed up to the door, whimpering for mercy.

It was as if the arrogance and pride they had shown before had all disappeared. Jackie sighed helplessly. Their will to live had obviously overridden all the pride they had before.

True, anyone would want to preserve their life and live, but it was pointless for them to do that anyway. Their assassins would not change their minds just because they were begging for mercy. If Jackie had been them, he would not have shown Grayson and Rudy any mercy, even if they did everything they could.

Rudy’s mental state had been completely destroyed from the moment the enemy stepped inside the vessel. At that moment, Rudy’s tears wetted his entire face as he sobbed profusely.

In just a few breaths, Rudy was already covered in tears. He would probably be able to beat any woman in that front.

The sounds of battle from outside did not stop, however. “I won’t let you do as you please!” came a yell.

The moment that was said, an object with a red glow was thrown in from outside. With a crash, something the size of half a fist crashed into the inner wall of the vessel, and it rebounded five feet away from Jackie.

A sound was then heard, and it sounded like someone’s body being ripped apart.

Martin’s wail could be heard right after that. Jackie could not help but take a deep breath as he looked outside, but other than the intense light, he could not see anything.

Aston shouted, “All of you, leave! Go, and don’t look back!”

The moment that was said, another ray light shot forward toward the vessel. The light fell on the control array of the vessel. After that, a click was heard, and with that, the door to the vessel closed once more.

The vessel started to reactivate and increase in speed.

At that moment, Jackie’s words felt lodged in his throat. Even though he did not see what happened, Jackie could more or less guess what had happened.

The two deacons were in a terrible position. Aston had sent all three of them away with his final breath, and he had not a clue whether they would be pursued after their escape.

Jackie felt the vessel hurtling away, and even the commotion grew fainter by the minute. Thanks to the vessel that shielded them, he could not see what took place outside, but it was obvious that the situation was a terribly dire one.


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