No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2471

It could mean that Aston and Martin were already at a disadvantage. Since it was an ambush, the enemies were well prepared.

Even if the enemy could not kill the two of them for the moment, it was only a matter of time if the enemy had made enough preparations.

A muffled reply could be heard, seemingly like a response to Martin. However, the trio in the vessel could not hear it.

Martin’s words had caused their hearts to plummet. They were so worried that they could not even speak.

They were in a grave situation. They could also see that the ambush had nothing to do with the three of them.

It was coming right for the alliance.

Grayson looked like he had swallowed a fly. “If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have insisted on joining the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. If I hadn’t said I wanted to come, this wouldn’t have happened!

“Who did the alliance offend? Why is this ambush happening? They’re even targeting a small vessel like this!”

The multitude of questions haunted Grayson and tormented him greatly. He might be incredibly distraught at that moment, but his words had given Jackie an idea.

Jackie frowned, feeling like the situation was incredibly strange as well. Just like Grayson had said, the alliance was there just to provide services and help out alchemists.

Normally, it would always maintain good relationships with the various clans, since they were not directly in competition. Furthermore, the various clans would require help from the alliance.

After all, that was where more of the alchemists in Middle Province gathered. Every warrior needed the support of pills. Groups like this would normally not have enemies intent on killing them unless the group had done something incredibly terrible.

What shocked Jackie even more was the fact that the three of them seemed to be the targets.

He admitted that the three of them had much more potential in alchemy than any ordinary person, but that did not usually mean they would be targets to be killed. It would not have invited such an attack unless there was something else tied to it!

Grayson’s face was slowly turning green. He had thought that he would be treated incredibly well after joining the alchemist alliance, that he would receive respect from everyone.

This disaster happened right before he could even achieve any of that! His future was suddenly thrown into disarray!

He was even starting to hate the alliance at that point.

Rudy was more or less in the same spot as Grayson. Rudy was considered incredibly talented even in Golden Pills, but at that moment, Rudy’s life was in grave danger.

Just as the three pondered and lamented, the door to the vessel suddenly opened. Someone had activated the door from the outside.

A radiant light shone into the door from the outside, and the three could not help but look over at the door.

Jackie stared at the door and then at the situation that unraveled past it. Everything felt like it was stagnant.

There were various figures constantly flashing about outside, and bursts of color from energy fluctuations constantly clashed with each other. The battle was very intense, and they could not even tell which one was Martin or which one was Aston.


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