No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2470

Jackie could care less about Rudy and Grayson; he himself was in a state of panic. He wanted to know what was happening outside the vessel, yet these two were at it so noisily that he could not hear anything

Jackie then sharply turned to both Grayson and Rudy. “Can both of you shut up?! What’s the point of fighting over all this? Tell me, what can you do? The two of you will no doubt die if you go out there. You can’t even change what’s happening now! All you can do is wait here!”

Rudy paled at Jackie’s explosive remark. “And what gives you the right to try and educate me, Jackie? What gives you the right to shout at me?! Quit pretending like you’re so calm. Are you not afraid at all?!”

“Can you just shut your mouth?!” Jackie could not be bothered to argue with these two.

A livid Rudy then staggered to get back up on his feet when another explosion occurred the moment he stood up

A shockwave erupted in the aftermath. It came from the outside, and the entire vessel shook violently due to the force.

Rudy, having just stood up, fell once more. This time, however, his fall was even worse than the last, his face planted straight to the surface in his fall.

Grayson, on the other hand, fared better as he did not try to stand up before the explosion happened. Jackie stood at the furthest corner of the vessel as he leaned against the wall. He leaned in very closely, so he was naturally not sent to the ground.

Looking at how pathetic the two of them were, Jackie could not help but let out a cold laugh. “What’s the point of all that bickering? If you don’t shut your mouths, I won’t be so polite anymore!”

Grayson was merely a runner disciple before he discovered his talent in alchemy, so it was obvious how bad his skills were. He was older than Jackie, but he was merely at the early stage of the innate level.

He was even among the weaker ones of that level. Jackie could easily kill him if he wanted to. Rudy was a little better, but he was still at the early stage of the innate level as well.

To Jackie, Grayson and Rudy were mere dispensable individuals. They were not from some acquired stage beasts, and killing them would be like a walk in the park for Jackie.

Jackie wanted nothing more than for them to shut up.

Grayson’s face reddened in anger as he pointed at Jackie. “Just you wait! Don’t be so arrogant! So what if you have some talent? We’re basically on the same level.

“There’s still a lot of time. In the future, my talents will exceed yours. I’ll become a seventh-grade alchemist before you and make you pay!”

Jackie rolled his eyes. “Can you save those arrogant words for when you actually do it?”

The moment Jackie said that, a shout was heard from the outside.

It was Martin’s voice.

“How shameless! I knew you’d use such despicable tricks! So what, though? I won’t let you get what you want. The alliance isn’t that weak!”

Martin’s words were more than audible to everyone inside the vessel. It seemed like Martin was right outside the vessel when he spoke, too.

The battle had been far away from the vessel earlier, probably to avoid harming it.

Thinking about that, Jackie’s heart stopped.

Since the sounds had gotten so close that they could hear them so clearly, it meant the battlefield had moved closer to the vessel.


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