No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2469

The more Rudy thought about it, the angrier he became, believing his assumption to be true after all.

He could not help but raise his voice as his hands trembled, “I’m telling you two: No matter who attracted the assassins, you’d better suffer the consequences! Don’t pull me into your mess!

“I’ve always been very careful with what I do, never misstepping.” Rudy’s breathing started to quicken as he spoke. “I’ve never provoked any powerful figures before, so I don’t want any of you to drag me down with you!”

Grayson’s face reddened in fury upon hearing Rudy’s words. If the situation had allowed it, he would have rushed over to Rudy and screamed.

“Stop assuming things so rashly about us! You’ve never offended anyone, so does that mean we have? Don’t talk about yourself as if you’re some saint, alright?

“With how your character is, could you have not offended anyone? Who knows; you might be the culprit here. Why are you so insistent that these enemies are targeting one person?”

Rudy’s nostrils flared as he pointed a finger at Grayson. “What do you mean by that?! Quit insulting me-I’ve never offended anyone important in my life!

“I know how you normally act. You keep wagging your tail. If you haven’t offended anyone, I’ll take up your name in the future.

“Perhaps your usual abrasiveness actually ended up offending someone? Maybe it ended up causing a whole lot of trouble, and now, someone is trying to kill us.

“Back then, you were in Rosefinch Pavilion, and it wasn’t easy to make any moves on you. Now that you’re out, they found the perfect opportunity to attack!”

Both Grayson and Rudy were screaming at each, neither one of them wanting to give in. They felt like the situation they were in was caused by the other person, that all the fault laid on the other person, and this got the two of them more riled up by the minute.

Jackie silently stood by the side and watched as they both screamed it out like a death match. He sighed helplessly.

He really admired the two of them, being able to quarrel to that degree even with the situation as it Was.

Could the result of their quarrel solve the dangers they were facing? Hilarious.

Jackie tried to listen in on the constant fighting that was outside. There were even a few explosions. Both sides seemed to be using powerful weapons. The skills clashed against each other, causing the explosions.

At that moment, the small vessel suddenly swayed violently. The two who were quarreling panicked at the sudden movement, falling on the floor after losing their footing.

The quarrel died down temporarily. Grayson fell down right on his back, and his expression soured even more.

“That’s a powerful technique, alright. How strong must that person be to cause such an intense explosion? Even the spirit vessel was affected!” At that moment, Grayson’s eyes reddened, and his pupils wavered in fear.

Rudy did not feel any better. Even though he did not fall as harshly as Grayson did, he still fell to his knees. His hands were on the ground, stopping his face from slamming flat against the floor.

He frowned as he said, “What do we do?! Are we supposed to just stay here and wait to die?! I don’t want to die! I’ll become a seventh-grade alchemist In the future! I absolutely can’t die!”


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