No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2468

It did not sound like the battle had ceased at all from the moment Martin got out. Jackie, Grayson, and Rudy were rooted, stone-faced even. None of them were all that calm.

Something had happened outside, and it was not something to joke about.

They were no masters nor venerable fighters. If anything happened outside, their lives could very well be lost there.

Jackie, at least, seemed to be in control over himself. Even though a lot was going on in his mind at that moment, he could still manage himself as he assessed the situation, planning what he would do if anything went awry.

The other two could not even remain calm, especially Grayson who looked incredibly aghast. His hands were trembling, and his mouth was twitching.

It was obvious that Grayson was close to losing his mind. The sounds from the clash that took place outside intermingled with shouts and yells, and it grew louder by the moment, too. Martin and Aston were both talking, but it was hard to tell what they were talking about.

“What’s happening? Why is there a sudden ambush? Did we pass a dangerous path or something? Is it a rival?!” blurted Grayson, his voice evidently unstable as he babbled.

Rudy glanced at Grayson before saying, “Don’t forget that we’re currently in a ship provided by the alliance. Don’t we all know what the alliance is? Which group would start a conflict with the alliance? It’s just an alliance that helps out alchemists. Normally, there shouldn’t be any conflict with anyone that powerful…”

Saying that, Rudy felt like there was no weight to his words. If it was not someone with a grudge, what was that yell from earlier about, before Martin stepped outside? That was impossible to explain.

Still, Rudy could not imagine who would have such a grudge against the alliance to start such a conflict, even trying to kill them on the journey.

Grayson then argued, his eyes red-rimmed and breaths erratic, “The question is, what’s the point of killing us? We might be a little talented, but we’ve only just turned into sixth-grade alchemists. We can’t really affect anyone! Why would they try to kill us?”

Rudy nodded meaningfully at those words.

Even if the enemy wanted to kill them, there should have been a meaning to the assault. The three of them had just turned into sixth-grade alchemists, and the news about it should not have been leaked yet.

Even if talent was valuable, it meant nothing in the eyes of those truly powerful. After all, talent could sometimes be exhausted, and no one could truly know if it would blossom.

Sixth-grade alchemists might be respected, but the truly respectable figures are all seventh or eighth grade alchemists. Sixth-grade alchemists were still too low ranked in that regard!

Thinking about that, Rudy stood up, his emotions whirling within him. “Do any of you have some sort of special identity? Are you enemies trying to pursue you?”

Saying that, Rudy’s eyes widened. He viciously stared at the two in front of him, not able to think of who would want to kill them.

Since he could not figure it out, there might be another reason for it. For instance, the one they wanted to kill might have nothing to do with the alliance. They might want to kill just one person.

If that was the case, he would just have been dragged into this mess!


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