No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2467

“The three of you are special, and sending you to Phoenix Valley is what the higher-ups desire. Phoenix Valley is a very special place for the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. A lot of things are happening today, so it’s not good for you to remain here.”

Elder Horst then took a deep breath. It was as if there was something he could not say, a secret buried deep in his mind.

Jackie frowned at that. Phoenix Valley did not seem to be anywhere too dangerous, and nothing treacherous should be lurking there. It was just that he did not know if Phoenix Valley was in the inner or outer region.

As Jackie mulled over the matter, Elder Horst once more spoke, “Alright, let us not dilly-dally. I’ve already prepared the spirit vessel. There’s no need to say your goodbyes either; I’ll let them know.

“Phoenix Valley is a good place. Make sure you properly practice alchemy when you’re there. Your future will be very bright.”

Elder Horst did not dawdle any longer. He shot a look at Martin and Aston, and the two of them nodded. They then brought Jackie and the other two to a spirit vessel.

They were still reeling in disbelief at that point, even as they got into the small vessel. Everything had happened too quickly, and they barely had time to digest it all.

The small vessel was a lot smaller than the vessel they had just come from. The spirit vessel could only fit five to six people. Aston and Martin were the ones controlling the vessel.

One of them steered the vessel from the inside while the other looked out for danger outside. Jackie and the others merely rested inside quietly.

The three of them had quite the complicated relationship

Grayson might have had a temporary truce with Rudy before, but they still did not see eye-to-eye. After both of them completed the test and became sixth-grade alchemists, they were at odds once again.

The three of them were at a corner each, distancing themselves from each other as much as they could. It was as if none of them wanted to have anything to do with one another at all.

Jackie was actually quite happy with this.

He did not like exchanging empty pleasantries, especially when the interactions were meaningless. What Jackie was the most worried about at that point was what sort of place Phoenix Valley was and what he would encounter when he arrived.

It had already been ten hours since they left. Earlier, he had asked Martin when they would arrive at Phoenix Valley, Martin showed him three fingers. “At least three days.”

The answer stunned Jackie. The small vessel might not be able to carry a lot of people, but it was no slow vessel at all. Three days would mean they would be traversing a lot of space. Jackie wondered where in Middle Province they were headed to.

He had wanted to ask even more questions, but Martin seemed so distant and apathetic, as if he did not want to bother with Jackie and the others.

Jackie was forced to put his questions aside for the moment.

Out of the blue…

“So it’s you!” an exclamation was heard.

Jackie jumped, thinking that something had happened. Martin immediately stood up as he ordered, “None of you are allowed to come out. No matter what happens, pretend you didn’t hear anything!”

Martin seemed incredibly stern at that point. Jackie had stood up as well, but he still looked relatively calm. Meanwhile, Grayson and Rudy seemed terrified.

Martin gave out those instructions before rushing out. He shut the door behind him before noises were heard outside. A battle had taken place.


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