No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2466

Jackie was led to a solitary room, one adorned with furnishings and an elegantly decorated layout. There were even various refreshments on the table, and a faint floral fragrance permeated the room.

The servant invited Jackie to sit down before he said, ” Please wait here. After the test, Elder Horst will make his arrangements. Call me should you need anything; I’ll be right outside the door.”

The servant bowed at Jackie before he turned and left the room, leaving only Jackie inside.

Jackie sighed in helplessness as he muttered to himself, “I must have better control over my expressions next time…”

If Elder Horst had not noticed it, Jackie could have stayed and got his scheme to work, making things difficult for the other two. It was only Rudy who had been affected at that moment, while Grayson did not suffer too much.

That was what Jackie regretted, but such laments were pointless for the moment. With that, Jackie placed these thoughts aside before he sat down to train.

Ever since he came to Middle Province, he had not! Had the chance to calm down and train. He had even focused solely on alchemy, which no doubt affected his martial advancements.

Jackie had formally become a student of the alliance and a sixth-grade alchemist, much to his relief.

He needed to catch up on his training, however. He had only managed to get Destroying the Void to the second stage. He was still a bit far from the third stage, and he had to hurry.

After absorbing the Formational True Energy, his strength was already close to a breakthrough. He was close to achieving the spring solidifying realm, but he was still too weak at that moment. Only by stepping into the spring solidifying realm would he be able to have the most basic ability to protect himself.

Jackie would be able to enter a few hidden ancient realms. To Jackie, eight hours passed by in a flash. When the door opened again, Jackie was a little surprised.

In walked Elder Horst, smiling as he did, and following after him were Rudy and Grayson, both seemingly at peace. It was obvious from their expressions that the two of them had passed.

They were already sixth-grade alchemists just like he was, or they would not have looked so pleased.

When Jackie stood up, Elder Horst motioned for Jackie to come forward

From his storage ring, Elder Horst produced a golden badge. On the badge was the word ‘Six’, and there were countless small symbols around it. Elder Horst gave the badge to Jackie once Jackie walked up to him.” This is your badge.”

All of a sudden, Elder Horst then ordered, seemingly directed to whoever was outside, “There’s not much more time, hurry on inside!”

Jackie frowned when he saw two other people hurrying in from outside. They looked to be in their forties or fifties, with beards and seemingly fierce expressions to boot.

Jackie could not tell how strong the two of them were at that moment.

Elder Horst introduced Jackie and the others, “The one on the left is Aston Cain, and on the left is Martin Lemming. They’re both deacons who’ll be bringing you to Phoenix Valley.”

This stunned Jackie. Where was Phoenix Valley? Why were they ushered to this location so quickly? What awaited them there?

Jackie did not want to depart before knowing the whole situation fully, but he was not in the position to decide that. If he rejected even that order, the alliance would not trust him in the future and would not give him the resources he needed.

Even if he was unwilling, Jackie did not voice his objection immediately. Jackie merely kept silent and looked on quietly.

Elder Horst continued, “I said we needed to recruit five students this time. The other two aren’t able to match you three in potential, so they’ll remain here for now.”


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