No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2465

Jackie’s words had been incredibly venomous. He had pinned the blame on Rudy for not joining Golden Pills.

If Jackie got more and more talented, Golden Pills might actually consider kicking Rudy out to make Jackie a formal student!

Sure enough, the moment Jackie finished, Constance was deep in thought. It was as if he was seriously considering the possibility. Before the vice treasurer exploded, Jackie hurriedly turned over and winked at the vice treasurer.

The vice treasurer immediately understood what Jackie was doing. He suppressed the anger in his heart as he said nothing.

At that moment, a bang was suddenly heard behind them. A few of them turned around to look and saw that Rudy’s furnace had a small explosion. The medicinal liquids splattered everywhere.

Rudy’s first try had been a total failure! Jackie smirked coldly. Logically, the first step should have been the easiest. Mistakes should never be made at that step.

Rudy’s medicinal liquids had exploded because of his errant thoughts. He had heard everything Jackie had said earlier.

Jackie had managed to shut off everything else when he was refining earlier, but Rudy had been unable to completely focus on everything with his thoughts all over the place.

When he heard those words that Jackie had deliberately targeted at him, Rudy naturally lost his composure. With Jackie’s talents already causing Rudy’s whole body to tremble, he lost control of the balance for a moment and caused the furnace to explode.

Looking at that sight, Constance frowned as he walked forward and said, “Rudy! Did you not hear what I said earlier? If you mess this up, you’ll definitely be punished when you get back! Throw those dumb thoughts away right now!

“You can’t make any more mistakes. Don’t forget, you only have three chances. You’ve already ruined one right at the first step, so what if you make another mistake?! You know the consequences!”

Constance had forced out the last few words through clenched teeth. It was obvious how angry Constance was at that moment.

Jackie let out a cold laugh. That was exactly what he had wanted. Elder Horst glanced over at Jackie and had naturally caught Jackie’s smile. He suddenly laughed as he told the servant behind him, “Bring Jackie to the back hall. After that, give him the sixth grade alchemist badge and make a record for him. I’ll make more arrangements after the test.”

The servant behind elder Horst hurriedly nodded. The servant hurried over and motioned to Jackie. Jackie let out an exasperated sigh, he was still not that good at controlling his own expressions.

He should not have let out that laugh earlier. Otherwise, he would have been able to pull off more tricks. He wanted to at least ruin that guy’s test.

After all, that guy kept on causing him trouble. If Jackie let Rudy off like that, Rudy might think that Jackie was an easy target.

Yet, it seemed like Elder Horst was not going to give him any chance to do that. Jackie let out a sigh, not saying anything else as he followed the servant to the back hall


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