No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2464

Elder Horst was painting a very nice picture, but Jackie was not a naïve child. He would not believe someone else so easily.

Even though Elder Horst had said that something had happened in the alliance which caused the recruitment to be different, Jackie was still waiting to find out how it would affect him.

The vice treasurer excitedly walked to Jackie. He could not hold back the smile on his face. “You did very well!” He praised loudly.

Jackie merely nodded slightly again. He did not have too much of a reaction. He had always known his skill and potential, so he would naturally not be as excited as everyone else.

“Don’t worry, Heavenly Pills will absolutely not let your talents go to waste. We’ll definitely raise you up properly, as long as you remain loyal to us!” There was another meaning to the vice treasurer’s words, but his face remained incredibly excited.

Jackie could not help but let out a silent laugh. The vice treasurer was actually more interested in the last few words. He wanted Jackie to remain loyal. Only with enough loyalty would Jackie get enough resources.

After all, Heavenly Pills would not waste its resources and gain nothing. Jackie nodded, still not saying anything. Jackie was not someone who forgot those who helped him.

As long as Heavenly Pills did not do anything against him or harm him, he would repay them in the future.

At some point, Constance and Zayne had arrived next to them. The two of them measured Jackie properly. This time, they were looking at him with a different expression.

The first time, they looked at him as if he was a clown. This time, they seemed deep in thought, as if they wanted to find out everything about Jackie.

Constance let out a slight smile as he said plainly,” You really are a master. Good talent shouldn’t be hidden. The outer regions are still the outer regions. If someone of your talent was in the inner regions, you’d definitely cause many waves!”

Constance was trying to overstep his boundaries at that moment. When the vice treasurer heard that, he replied angrily, “Mr. Constance, stop right there! Don’t think I don’t know how the inner region acts!

“There are so many resources, but you all scheme among each other so much. If a master went inside, who knows what would happen to them!”

Jackie glanced at the vice treasurer. Just as the vice treasurer was going to continue fighting, Jackie raised a hand to stop him. He turned to look at Constance.

Jackie acted as if he had forgotten everything Constance had said to him before. Jackie said calmly,” Of course, I’d want to go to Golden Pills…”

Those words caused a chill to go through the vice treasurer. The vice treasurer hurriedly turned around with widened eyes. He looked at Jackie in disbelief and was about to say something when Jackie continued.

“But alas, I have an incredibly bad relationship with Rudy from Golden Pills. You’ve seen what he was doing just now.

“If I join Golden Pills, Rudy would definitely plot something against me. I just want to focus on alchemy. I obviously wouldn’t want these petty matters affecting me.

“You should understand! As long as Rudy is in Golden Pills, I’ll never join you!”


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