No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2463

Looking at that smile, the vice treasurer’s breath almost stopped. Elder Horst said confidently, “Over fifty percent refinement! Even though it’s not at sixty percent, it’s still almost there. Very good! As of right now, you’re a sixth-grade alchemist.”

When he said that, Elder Horst had a slight smile on his face as he looked at Jackie with a relieved expression. Elder Horst’s words were basically a confirmation

At that moment, differing feelings went through everyone’s hearts. Most of them felt shocked. Jackie had only been slightly off from being at sixty percent refinement. It meant that Jackie was slightly better than regular sixth-grade alchemists.

They were all so far away from being a sixth-grade alchemist, but Jackie was already making his steps toward being a seventh-grade alchemist. There was such a huge difference in their talents that they were forced to admit defeat!

Rudy took a deep breath. His body swayed and he was about to lose it. No matter what he did at that moment, it would be useless.

He turned around abruptly as he walked toward the materials that Elder Horst had prepared for him. He stared at Jackie the whole way. He had yet to even start refining his pill. Jackie dealt a huge blow to his mood, but the test needed to continue.

Just as he turned around, a familiar voice was heard behind him. Constance berated, “Throw those dumb thoughts out of your head. Don’t let this affect you at all! No matter how strong anyone else is, it’s not you. What did you come here for? Surely you don’t need me to remind you.

“If you’re affected by something like this, and fail to become a student of the alliance, I’ll tell the elders everything when we’re back. You know how the elders are. You know what kind of punishment you’ll get!”

Rudy was so scared that he shivered. He did not even dare to turn his head around. Constance’s words were no joke. There was not a single elder in Golden Pills that was not ruthless.

If anything happened at that moment, he did not even dare to imagine what he would face when he went back. He hurriedly composed himself and took a few deep breaths. He cast his gaze on the furnace.

He mumbled to himself, “Only success! No failure is allowed!”

He had been dealt a heavy blow. The person he had thought he would be able to trample beneath his feet had actually turned out so talented. There was nowhere for him to vent his anger, so he was naturally suffering at that moment.

Grayson saw that Rudy had already started refining his pills and did not dare to delay any longer. At that moment, he started to move as well. It was not the time for him to wonder how talented Jackie was.

He needed to hurry up and refine an Energy Breaking Pill to prove his talent and skill!

Elder Horst held his protruded belly as walked toward Jackie. He reached out his large hand as he pats Jackie on the shoulder.

“Not bad! You are quite the rare sprout! I haven’t seen anyone with such potential in two or three years.

“Don’t worry, the recruitment this time is different from before. The alliance will give you everything you need to grow. All you need to do is listen to our arrangements.

Jackie looked up at the smiling elder. He merely gave a slight nod, not saying anything.


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