No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2462

Grayson said that merely because he did not want people to look at him differently after he showed off his talents. He wanted Elder Horst to have a better view of him than Jackie.

Jackie let out a soft laugh and said, “Even if you want to try to bring me down, you should at least use your brain. If I had said that I was talented just now, what would all of you have thought?

“You’re just saying all of this because I stole your thunder. I hate people like you who think so much of your meager talents the most. All you do is try and push everyone down from your high seats!”

Those words almost caused Grayson to spit out blood. That brat’s mouth was just as amazing as his talents.

Grayson shouted out with clenched fists, “Don’t think that you can beat me just because you managed to refine a sixth-grade pill!

“Let me tell you, I’m only at this level now because I’ve only learned the Way of the Pill for a short time. If you give me a bit more time, I’ll definitely be better than you. I’ll be so much better than you, you won’t even have room to breathe!”

Jackie coldly laughed as he averted his gaze, not even bothering to talk to Grayson anymore. Rudy looked like his bones had been snapped by someone. He looked like he was about to collapse on the floor. He was furious, his stomach was filled with inexhaustible rage, but there was nothing he could do.

He wanted to voice out all his anger just like Grayson had done. He wanted to shout and scream, but Rudy knew very well that Jackie would not allow himself to be trampled all over.

No matter what he said, it would just be seen as a joke. Suddenly, everyone had strange looks on their faces. There was conflict and shock on their faces, as well as reluctance.

Elder Horst coughed lightly, breaking the strange atmosphere. He walked a few steps forward as he reached out to Jackie and said, “Hand over the Energy Breaking Pill. Let me check if the refinement is at fifty percent.”

Elder Horst’s words successfully plunged everyone into a strange silence again. Everyone widened their eyes as they waited for Elder Horst’s final result.

If Jackie did not manage a fifty percent refinement with the Energy Breaking Pill, it would prove that he did not truly have the skill to become a sixth-grade alchemist. It would mean that his talents were not as high as they expected.

Hearing Elder Horst’s words, Grayson and Rudy looked up at the elder with an expectant gaze.

Elder Horst ignored all the attention. He placed Jackie’s Energy Breaking Pill in his palm before he furrowed his eyebrows as he observed the pill in earnest. Elder Horst was a true eighth-grade alchemist

There was no way he would make any mistakes when verifying pills. After all, the Energy Breaking Pill was just a sixth-grade pill.

The vice treasurer clenched his fists tightly. He looked much more nervous than everyone else there. His breath started to get erratic. If Jackie really did succeed in becoming a sixth-grade alchemist, it would be something that would have the whole of Heavenly Pills celebrating. After all, a student as talented as Jackie would definitely be able to accomplish a lot if he was brought up properly.

Even a seventh-grade alchemist would not be within his limits. Heavenly Pills would greatly benefit from him in the future. Jackie was a student under him, so he would definitely be able to benefit greatly from Jackie in the future as well!

Elder Horst looked at the Energy Breaking Pill with great scrutiny. In the end, there was a glint in his eyes as his lips curled up into a smile.


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