No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2461

After all, he was still not that skilled. In the martial world, the strong were always the winners. He did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble at that moment. With that question in mind, Jackie made a clear decision.

He formed seals after seals with his hands as the pill body started to spin slowly again. With a wave of his right hand, the golden pill runes that were in the air started to rapidly spin around the pill body.

The moment they fused with the pill body, the golden pill runes let out a vibrant, golden glow. After that, they fused with the pill body.

There were a total of eight hundred and thirty pill runes. Jackie controlled those runes and fused them into the pill body one by one. As the pill runes fused with the pill body, Jackie’s hand shook a bit, doing something to the pill body.

It caused the pill that would have been at an eighty percent refinement to turn into a fifty percent one! Jackie deliberately slowed down the process before he fused the pill runes with the pill body.

An Energy Breaking Pill that was glowing in a faint golden light spun in the air. Jackie reached out and grabbed the pill. He let out a breath as the somewhat uncertain feeling in his heart died down.

“Success.” He plainly said.

At that moment, his focus shifted to his surroundings. He once again felt gazes on his body. He immediately turned around and saw Rudy and Grayson staring at him with wide eyes.

The two of them were looking at him as if he had killed their fathers. Rudy was in an especially bad state. His mouth was twitching as if he had been poisoned

Rudy’s breath was erratic and his face was pale. It was obvious how much of a blow his mental state had been dealt with. Grayson was in a slightly better state, but not much better.

He could even see jealousy and hatred in Grayson’s eyes! Facing that expression, Jackie was incredibly calm. He had seen that look on so many people before.

Whenever he performed just a little better, it could invite the hatred of others. Grayson had been claiming that his talents were superior, and had been showing off in front of everyone.

Yet, even if he successfully refined a sixth-grade pill at that moment, it would not cause that much excitement. Grayson really hated Jackie for stealing his thunder.

After Jackie successfully refined a sixth-grade pill, the others would no longer hold Grayson in that high of regard. Grayson sighed as he coldly stared at Jackie.

“You’re really something else. I thought there was something wrong with your head before, but you really do have the skills. However, there’s something wrong with your character for sure. Since you’re so talented, why didn’t you just voice it out earlier?

“You insisted on playing around with us and shocking us? I won’t respect your disgusting behavior!”

Jackie was a little speechless at Grayson’s words. Even if he had said he was talented earlier, it would merely have invited more mockery. Why would he have done that?

Only by proving his skills would he be able to shut everyone up.


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