No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2460

Gilbert felt like he was about to go crazy from anger. He had already been stamped on by Jackie before, but now he felt like he was about to be completely trampled over.

He had thought that Jackie had some talent, but would not be that much stronger than him. After witnessing all this for himself, he finally realized how much of a joke his thoughts were.

No wonder Jackie had always looked at him as if he was nothing. Jackie had never taken him seriously before at all. In Jackie’s eyes, Gilbert was merely a clown. Gilbert could not take it after realizing that point.

Earlier, he might have offended the vice treasurer, but he had turned Jackie into a joke. Once Jackie returned to Heavenly Pills, Jackie would be punished severely. After all, Heavenly Pills really held a lot of importance in their reputation.

Jackie’s actions had clearly smeared a black spot on Heavenly Pills’ reputation before. Yet, his thoughts had been completely shattered by Jackie.

Gilbert’s hands trembled. He could not even breathe properly at that point. “I refuse to believe it! Why can he do all this? Why does he have so much talent? I’ve never seen…”

He could not finish his sentence. He had never seen anyone as talented as Jackie. Jackie looked to be about the same age as him, but Jackie was so much more talented than he was.

It was one thing for Jackie to be better at fighting than him, but they had such a huge gap even in alchemy. How could he possibly stand it? Gilbert’s mild trembling had turned into full-on shaking as if he was having a fit.

His complexion kept on changing as if he had suffered some disease. Andrew’s expression was not much better than Gilbert’s, but he was at least a little calmer than Gilbert.

Andrew was also dealt a heavy blow. He gulped as he sighed, “So there’s such a big gap between us. It’s such a joke that I had wanted to use my skills to prove myself. Such a huge joke…”

Andrew was just like Gilbert. He felt like all his actions in front of Jackie before were all just a massive joke. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed that way.

The discussions around the place at that moment shot up in waves.

“Why have I never heard of Heavenly Pills having such a master before?! His talents are equal to Grayson’s! Looking at him, he should be around our age. No wonder he dared to stand behind Rudy. He was no idiot, he really did have the skills!”

“I was saying that he didn’t look like an idiot. Heavenly Pills really hid this very well. I’m so surprised.

“If Jackie grows up, Heavenly Pills will definitely be much stronger. When I go back, I have to tell the elders…”

The discussions flew everywhere, but it did not disturb Jackie at all. Jackie had a challenge in front of him at that moment, which was the last step. He needed to merge the pill runes with the pill body.

Only with a fifty percent refinement would the Energy Breaking Pill be considered successful. With Jackie’s skills, it would not be hard for him to do so, but he did not want to expose too much of his talents.

His goal was to become a sixth-grade alchemist and enter the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. He did not want too many eyes on him, or he might risk being targeted by others.


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