No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2459

Grayson’s voice was a little raspy. At that moment, Rudy was no longer in the mood to answer Grayson. Rudy looked at Jackie with an anxious look, praying that Jackie would fail! Only then would he be able to save himself from embarrassment.

The vice treasurer’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He gaped slightly as he looked at Jackie In disbelief.

He never expected that Jackie would actually be able to form eight hundred pill runes. He knew that Jackie had been hiding his skills, but he did not expect him to be so skillful.

The vice treasurer had thought that Jackie had gone crazy, but it seemed like he was the one who had been blind to Jackie’s master!

Thinking about that, he took a deep breath, concealing his expression. He did not want anyone to notice anything strange.

Constance said in an incredibly cold voice, “Vice treasurer, your acting skills are getting better and better!”

When he said that, he was filled with rage. Thankfully, the vice treasurer had hidden his strange expression and returned to normal. Constance had not noticed anything at all and only felt like he had been playing around.

The vice treasurer let out a cold laugh, “What do you mean by my acting skills? I’m Heavenly Pills’ vice treasurer. I’m not some circus show.”

Constance slammed his hand down as he violently exclaimed, “Stop trying to pull one over me! I actually really thought that the brat was an idiot.

“It looks like you were just too good at acting. You managed to fool all of us!”

The vice treasurer did his best to control himself, not revealing any strange expressions. The vice treasurer struggled a little at Constance’s accusations. He had not been acting earlier and had really felt that way.

He had never known of Jackie’s true abilities. His shock was no less than anyone present. It was just that he could not voice out his surprise.

Zayne had been eagerly waiting to be entertained. Even though he was not in that great of a relationship with the vice treasurer, he could not really offend the vice treasurer too much.

After all, Zayne was part of the Rosefinch Pavilion. Heavenly Pills had Heavenly Auction House behind them, which had incredibly close ties with Rosefinch Pavilion. He could not make the situation too bad for the vice treasurer, but now he was a little anxious.

Zayne’s lips twitched, “Vice treasurer, did you need to do all that? They had to show their skills eventually anyway. What was the point of hiding everything from us? You caused us to think that you were just recruiting riff-raff.”

The vice treasurer let out a helpless sigh as he said, ” I’ve never seen Jackie refine a sixth-grade pill, so I can’t be sure if he can actually do it.

“I was more or less a little anxious. Naturally, I showed anxiety in my expression. It was you who jumped to conclusions, so this has nothing to do with me.”

The vice treasurer’s reasoning was a little forced, but it was still able to temporarily set the situation aside.

He did not want to go too deep into the topic. His eyes remained fixed on Jackie.

Gilbert and Andrew had already formed quite a few pill runes, but when they witnessed what Jackie was doing, they could no longer maintain their composure.

The runes they were forming suddenly disappeared, turning into pill auras. Gilbert looked at Jackie with a frown.

He pinched himself harshly to prove that he was not dreaming. “How is this possible?! How could he form eight hundred pill runes?!”


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