No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2458

Time slowly ticked away. Jackie was forming the pill runes at an even pace. One by one, the golden runes floated in the air, slowly accumulating.

Rudy and Grayson had yet to start on their own pills. They had put their full focus on Jackie. They witnessed for themselves as Jackie slowly condenses pill rune after pill rune.

The faint golden glow flashed in front of their eyes. The more they watched, the more apprehensive they were. Grayson had felt like Jackie would already be quite talented to even be able to form a hundred pill runes.

After all, forming pill runes by themselves was different from forming pill runes while refining a pill.

While refining, one would need to make sure the pill maintained its shape. Then, one would need to use the pill aura emitted from the pill to form pill runes. It needed the support of true and aura.

Most importantly, one needed to go through constant training to stabilize oneself. That needed incredible skills as well as a very long time.

Normal students would not be able to do that at all. Yet, Jackie seemed to be able to do it comfortably. Jackie was not panicking at all as he calmly formed his pill runes.

The number of pill runes slowly increased. From three hundred to five hundred, and he even managed to form eight hundred.

It was then that Jackie was once again the focus of everyone’s attention, not only being focused by a select few.

Initially, everyone felt like Jackie had been an incredible idiot to stand behind Rudy.

A completely unknown brat had actually dared to challenge the third test to prove his skills. Everyone knew very well how difficult a sixth-grade pill was to form.

Only those with incredible talent could become sixth grade alchemists at their age. Back then, no one thought Jackie could do it.

After following Elder Horst into the hall, everyone’s focus had been on the test. They no longer cared about the troublemaking Jackie. Yet, even if they wanted to ignore him, they could no longer do so.

Eight hundred pill runes floated in front of Jackie. The golden glow was absolutely radiant. Everyone was looking at Jackie in a completely different expression!

Even if Jackie’s pill runes could not merge well enough with the pill, his performance would still have set him apart from the group.

It was way better than most of them! After all, being able to form one to two hundred pill runes among those students was already considered an incredible feat.

Jackie was able to control the pill body as he condensed eight hundred pill runes. That was something those students could only dream of. Rudy was already looking at Jackie with an incredibly dark look.

His hands trembled and he uttered, “How is this possible?! How could this guy actually form eight hundred pill runes?! How did he do it? Why can he do it?! I’ve never heard of him before!”

Rudy was already in a completely crazed state. Jackie had given Rudy a slap to the face with the demonstration of his skills.

All the mockery Rudy had thrown had been reflected right back at him. Rudy felt like a joke at that moment. It was no wonder Jackie’s words had been so sharp before.

Jackie really did have the skill! Grayson’s frown had not disappeared since Jackie had formed five hundred pill runes.

Grayson’s mood was not much better than Rudy’s. After all, it was too much of a shock. “Where did he come from? Why have I never heard of him before?! Is he actually able to form a sixth-grade pill?”


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