No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2456

He thought for a long time before he said, “I’ll bet a middle-priced sixth-grade pill. As for what pill it is, you can decide. Of course, that’s if you win.”

Rudy’s words ignited Grayson’s competitive spirit. He never expected that Rudy would talk about it so seriously. It was as if Rudy had mustered up his resolve.

Grayson was quite rich at that moment. A single sixth -grade pill was not much to him. He nodded casually, “Sure! I’ll bet that he fails at the last step.”

Rudy nodded, “I’ll bet that he fails at the second step. He won’t even be able to form a pill!”

Those words were incredibly resolute. It was as if he would start fighting if Grayson said anything against it.

Grayson raised an eyebrow as he let out a laugh,” Then I’ll bet a sixth-grade pill as well. You’re allowed to choose the type.”

The two of them had a deal, and they once again shifted their focus onto Jackie.

Those words that were being spoken near Jackie did not disturb Jackie at all. After completing the first step, he reached the second. The first two steps were actually not difficult for Jackie at all.

After all, he had absorbed the great warrior’s memories. The great warrior had done the first two steps countless times. He could easily make seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade pills, let alone sixth-grade ones.

After all, the great warriors had come from the first grade world, the Divine Void World. In the Divine Void World, even ninth-grade pills were incredibly common.

Jackie was still not completely merged with the memories at that moment. Otherwise, Jackie would have easily been able to refine ninth-grade pills.

Constance looked over to the vice treasurer. He saw that a curious and disdainful glint was in the vice treasurer’s eyes.

He only stopped on the treasurer for a moment before he looked over at Jackie. His eyes constantly moved between the vice treasurer and Jackie, as if he was thinking about something and trying to make a decision.

After a good while, Constance suddenly said, “Your student over there really is someone special…”

The vice treasurer’s face soured more when he heard that. He had already been incredibly miserable standing there.

Jackie, who he had thought was incredibly reliable, had suddenly thrown such a curveball. Then there was Gilbert who decided to ignore the Heavenly Pills’ reputation to tell everyone about Jackie.

Those matters really troubled the vice treasurer. Constance’s words almost caused the vice treasurer to leap into combat.

The vice treasurer suppressed his rage as he turned to look at Constance and replied, “Mr. Constance, you should focus on your own matters. There’s no need for you to worry about me.

“I know how my student is. I know what he can or cannot do. I didn’t really want any of them to become a formal student for the alliance anyway.”

If Jackie had not wanted to refine a sixth-grade pill, Jackie would still have had the chance to become a formal student of the alliance. With Jackie’s actions, it was already completely hopeless.


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