No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2455

As long as it did not affect him refining the pill, the two of them could do whatever they wanted. It had nothing to do with him at all.

“Even though I look down on this guy, he still dared to brag around so much. I think he should have some amount of talent. He shouldn’t have any problems going through the first two steps.” Grayson said plainly.

Rudy looked over at Grayson with a cold smile on his face and replied, “You seem very confident in this guy. I think what he said earlier was just all nonsense.

“I think he’ll only get to the second step before he fails completely! I really want to see how this brat will face us after that.”

Grayson took a deep breath. He could feel that Rudy’s anger at Jackie was much deeper than his own.

Rudy’s eyes were practically on fire when he said those words. It was obvious how much he hated Jackie.

Grayson let out a cold laugh, “Then let’s see what happens. I feel like he should be able to get to the last step. It would be decent enough if he manages to get to a hundred pill runes.”

After the two of them said all that, they shut their mouths at the same time as they quietly looked at Jackie.

They looked on as Jackie took out the last spiritual grass. That spiritual grass was called dragon bone grass. It got its name because it looked like a dragon’s bone. It was the last and most important ingredient to refining an Energy Breaking Pill.

As long as he successfully refined it into liquid and mix it with the others, the first step would be completely done.

Even though the first step was not too difficult for most people, it needed a lot of practice. A lot of effort and resources have to be put inside.

The reason why most people were not willing to become alchemists was that alchemy used up a lot of time and spirit crystals. It was why most students were forced to rely on backers.

That was because it was incredibly difficult to improve alone. With a light sound, all the heat that Jackie controlled was forced onto the dragon bone grass.

The dragon bone grass suddenly started to smoke. It was quickly turning into a faint green liquid, mixing into the other liquids that Jackie had refined earlier. His movements looked incredibly practiced.

Those movements looked like they had been done tens of thousands of times. There was no hesitation and not a single mistake. Looking at that, Rudy raised an eyebrow

Grayson whispered, “It looks like this guy has practiced liquifying materials a lot. Even I would only be on par with him. It’s quite surprising.”

After hearing that, Rudy let out a snort, “You really are confident in him. We were just talking about our bet just now, but we never put anything on the line. Why don’t we…”

After that, Rudy turned around to face Grayson. At that moment, Rudy’s expression turned serious, as if a grand decision was about to be made.


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