No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2454

Elder Horst let out a slight cough as he continued,” After you successfully refine the pills, bring them to me for verification. You will have eight hours for the test. If you can’t refine the pill within eight hours, you will fail the test, so don’t be too slow.”

The three of them nodded at practically the same time. After Elder Horst gave them their instructions, he arranged for a few workers to be their judges. The workers stood behind the three of them to make sure they did not do anything sketchy.

After that, Elder Horst turned around and went to the other test-takers. Rudy narrowed his eyes as he glanced at Jackie and said, “The most important step to refining a sixth-grade pill is the final step. However, the initial steps aren’t easy either. If you think you can’t do it, then don’t waste the materials. These ingredients aren’t cheap. You wouldn’t be able to afford it even if you sold yourself!”

Jackie let out a light breath after hearing those words. He suddenly realized that he had lost the motivation to even open his mouth. He decided to ignore the guy and anything the guy would say.

There was no point in replying anyway. Rudy looked down at him and thought that he could not refine a sixth-grade pill. Rudy also thought he was a low class individual.

No matter what he said, Rudy would not stop his insults anyway.

Jackie let out a cold smile, not answering Rudy. He did not even bother looking at Rudy as he reached out his right hand to grab the materials to refine the Energy Breaking Pill. He slowly put the materials into the furnace one by one.

The first step to refining a sixth-grade pill was to turn all those materials into liquid form. That step was a challenge for any alchemist. The higher the level of the pill, the harder the process was.

However, anyone who dared to attempt refining a sixth-grade pill would have already been incredibly familiar with that step. The hardest was the last step, condensing the pill runes and fusing them with the pill.

Only with a fifty percent refinement would the pill be considered complete. That information flashed through his mind as Jackie’s expression hardened. He immediately shut off everything around him.

He put his full focus on the pill furnace. Jackie was incredibly focused, but the others around him were not. Grayson and Rudy were incredibly confident in themselves.

Even delaying it a little would not affect the end results, so they stopped their movements when Jackie was refining the pill. They stared at Jackie’s confident movements.

“Why don’t we make a bet!” Just as Jackie threw himself into refining the pill, Rudy suddenly spoke to Grayson.

Grayson raised an eyebrow. He did not have a good impression of Rudy, but he knew that Rudy was talented. Grayson could tell that Rudy might be able to pose a challenge to him.

Even though he looked down on Rudy, Rudy was still much closer to his level than Jackie. He let out a smile as he nodded at Rudy’s words, “What do you want to bet on?”

Rudy let out a meaningful smile and said, “Let’s bet on how far this brat can go.” Grayson was interested upon hearing that.

He moved out of his position as he stood next to Rudy, looking at Jackie’s actions together.

At that moment, Jackie was not aware of anything that was happening at all. Even though the two of them were staring right at him, Jackie did not realize It at all.


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