No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2453

Grayson narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jackie in anger as well. He said in a cold tone, “It seems like you’ve come here today just to embarrass yourself.”

After saying that, Grayson turned away and remained silent. The sounds of the conflict had stopped, and everyone around was whispering in a discussion

Elder Horst looked at Jackie meaningfully, as if he was looking at Jackie in a different light. Elder Horst was suddenly incredibly curious about Jackie, but he could naturally not say anything about it at that moment.

When he say that everyone had already formed their groups, Elder Horst waved and said, “Come with me!

Everyone followed Elder Horst in their respective groups. Elder Horst entered the spirit vessel. The interior of the vessel was filled with people hurrying around.

They followed closely behind Elder Horst, twisting and turning before they finally arrived in a spacious room. The room was so spacious that it could already be considered a hall.

The moment they stepped into the room, everyone could feel a dense pill aura around the atmosphere. The room was more than large enough for the eighty of them.

Jackie did a bit of estimation. The room was large enough to accommodate another hundred more people on top of them.

The west end of the room had alchemical equipment. There were not just furnaces, there were even special flames lit up there.

Elder Horst turned around and said in his jovial tone,

Those who want to prove your talent and skills through refining a sixth-grade pill, head to the west end

“Those who want to form pill runes to prove yourselves, stand on the east side and start forming the pill runes. The rest, wait for further instructions!

After Elder Horst said that, Jackie walked over to the west. He ignored everything else as he put his focus on the pill furnace and the ingredients in front of the furnace.

Jackie could tell what the ingredients were. They were the ingredients for an Energy Breaking Pill. Energy Breaking Pills were the most common and easiest to refine sixth-grade pills. Normally, test takers who wanted to refine a sixth-grade pill would choose that to prove their worth.

Jackie had not planned on refining an Energy Breaking Pill. Even though the Energy Breaking Pill was easier and had a higher chance of success, it is also worth less than other sixth-grade pills.

He had wanted to refine an even more expensive pill. After he refined it, he would be able to sell the pill for spirit crystals.

Jackie’s mind was filled with spirit crystals at that time. As long as he could get even more spirit crystals, he could ignore everything else. After all, he was pursuing the path of an alchemist completely for the sake of gaining even more spirit crystals.

Otherwise, he would never have come to this place.

Elder Horst arranged for three of them to stand before the first three furnaces. Grayson stood at the front while Rudy stood between Jackie and Grayson.

Next to the furnace were a few small bowls that contained the materials for an Energy Breaking Pill.

Elder Horst explained the rules simply, “You can try three times. If you fail all three times, it means you don’t have the right to become a sixth-grade alchemist.”

When he said that, Elder Horst’s gaze had been on Jackie. It was as if those words were targeted at Jackie. Jackie raised an eyebrow, not caring about what Elder Horst had to say.


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