No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2452

There were too many accusations being thrown out and too many insults. Even if he did not want to argue with those people, he was still forced to slowly raise his head.

He looked into Rudy’s eyes which were filled with mockery. It was as if he was merely a dog in Rudy’s eyes.

Jackie let out a cold laugh, “So are you just going to listen to the dog that is barking the loudest?”

Those words had managed to successfully mock everyone there. He had compared Gilbert to a dog and mocked everyone for listening to that dog. It had caused a change in expression on everyone’s faces.

Gilbert almost lost himself to his anger. He could not believe that Jackie still managed to throw out such an insult even with things as they were. Gilbert was red in anger as he turned around to glare at Jackie.

He had wanted to shout back but was stopped by the vice treasurer. “It looks like you really don’t want to take part in the test anymore!

That one sentence had completely stopped Gilbert from saving anything, Gilbert realized that he had heavily offended the vice treasurer.

If he still insisted on fighting against Jackie, the vice treasurer might really pull him out. Then, he would not even be able to take part in the tests.

Hence, he was forced to hold in all the anger in his heart as he protest against Jackie’s words with a glare.

Grayson and Rude were infuriated by those words earlier. They were already looking down on Jackie, thinking that Jackie was just a brainless, low-class person

Yet, the two of them could not believe that such a person actually dared to rebuke them with such Vicious words

Rudy pointed at Jackie and said, “You’re really daring!

Jackie let out a cold laugh. He did not care how dark Rudy’s face looked or how angry Rudy was. He continued saying, “You’re a student, and I’m a student too. What’s the difference between us? Why are you saying all this? If you hadn’t been insulting me like that, I wouldn’t even have bothered with all of you!”

Jackie’s words were heard by everyone present. Everyone felt like there was not just something wrong with Jackie’s head, he was probably crazy as well.

Did he not know the consequences of his words? Even though Rudy was a student as well, Rudy’s worth was several times more than Jackie’s.

Rudy was someone who could refine a sixth-grade pill whereas Jackie could only form three hundred pill runes. The two of them were far too different. Rudy was someone who would definitely become a sixth grade alchemist, an existence that everyone respected.

Jackie’s future was unknown. Jackie had actually offended someone so wantonly. Rudy would definitely not let him off. Once Rudy becomes a sixth – or even seventh-grade alchemist, Rudy would definitely deal with Jackie.

Rudy’s face was red when he said, “Good! Very good! Brat, you’re the most daring person I’ve ever met. Remember the words you’ve said today. In the future, you’ll definitely pay for your words. Don’t cry when that happens!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he answered nonchalantly, “Of course, I’ll remember what I said today. I’ll remember what you said today as well.”

Rudy saw that Jackie was not going to give way no matter what he said. If it continued, Rudy would definitely lose his composure. No one expected Jackie to have such a stubborn mouth.

Rudy was forced to swallow his anger and avert his gaze. Rudy even started to plan how he would deal with Jackie later on.


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