No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2450

No one knew better than the vice treasurer what a sixth-grade pill meant. In so many years, Heavenly Pills had accepted an uncountable amount of students, but there were not many who actually became sixth-grade alchemists.

Constance let out a meaningful smile as he asked,” Vice treasurer, you really have so much up your sleeves. I can’t believe Heavenly Pills has a master as well. I’d never heard of it before.”

The vice treasurer’s lips twitched. He wanted to explain himself, but if he said that Jackie could not refine sixth-grade pills, and only had some talent in forming pill runes, it would be a massive joke. Everyone would laugh at Heavenly Pills.

Yet, if he remained stubborn, Jackie would end up revealing everything when it was time to refine the pills. Then, the humiliation would be worse.

His hands trembled. He had never felt like he was in such a troubled position before in all his years. He felt like he was trapped between two hard spots. Everyone thought that the vice treasurer was actually planning on using silence to answer the question when they saw that the vice treasurer said nothing.

However, Constance seemed unwilling to let him off, and wanted to pursue the matter to the end. He asked, “What’s this student’s name? Which family or what background did he come from? To be able to refine a sixth-grade pill at that age must mean he’s incredibly talented…”

The vice treasurer could no longer hold on. He turned around and used a low voice to say, “He’s just trying out. Mr. Constance, you’d better focus on your own disciples. You don’t have to care about Heavenly Pills.

Constance could immediately catch the guilt in the vice treasurer’s words. Suddenly, Constance was even more interested. He could not help but place his gaze on Jackie again.

Zayne looked over as well. Even Elder Horst had his gaze fixed on Jackie. Everyone was trying to see if they could figure something out.

Jackie felt a little exasperated. He composed himself as he looked slightly downward. He ignored everything around him.

Gilbert was getting a little impatient. Possibly because of the vice treasurer’s earlier attitude toward him, Gilbert’s hatred for Jackie had already boiled over.

He had already hated Jackie when they were back in Heavenly Pills. Jackie’s actions at that moment were perfect for him to throw in some insults.

Gilbert impulsively said, “Jackie, have you gone crazy? Do you know what you’re doing? You really are bold. Can you even refine a sixth-grade pill? Why are you standing there?!

“Do you think you can refine a sixth-grade pill just because you managed to form three hundred pill runes before? Don’t forget, forming a sixth-grade pill needs at least eight hundred pill runes. Can you do that?”

Those words were incredibly accusatory, but they had served to reveal more about Jackie. It was then that everyone understood. Jackie was not that exceptional. Jackie could only form three hundred pill runes at most.

He was probably standing behind Rudy because he was shameless and incredibly daring!

Gilbert’s words had answered the question in everyone’s minds, and laughter erupted.

“Is there something wrong with that guy’s head? Does he think that making a sixth-grade pill is easy? No wonder the vice treasurer had such a strange expression. It looks like the vice treasurer never expected Jackie to stand at the west side!”


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