No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2449

Jackie was the only one who remained standing at that point. He seemed to be hesitating and seemed to be waiting as well. The moment the vice treasurer finished saying that, Elder Horst’s curious gaze moved over.

Even though his eyes reveal too much, Jackie could still feel a hint of sharpness within. It was as if he would be disqualified if he did not move.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly. He could no longer wait, so he walked toward the area that he had already planned to

In the beginning, Jackie did not attract much attention. After all, he might have been the last one, but no one recognized him. Even though he was from Heavenly Pills, other than those who had already met him, no one knew who he was.

As he continued moving toward the west, everyone’s gazes started to shift onto him. The vice treasurer’s face was also gradually turning sour when he noticed which direction Jackie was slowly heading toward.

“Is that guy trying to go behind Rudy? Is he also trying to prove himself by refining a sixth-grade pill?

“He must be. Unless he’s an idiot or he didn’t hear the rules carefully, he would not be heading to that end. Who is he? Why have I never heard of him?”

“I saw him standing behind the vice treasurer of Heavenly Pills earlier, so that must be where he’s from. I know Heavenly Pills quite well, but I’ve never seen this person. What’s his name? Does anyone know?”

The discussions started to erupt among the crowd. Everyone started to look at Jackie with curious and confused expressions.

Jackie took a deep breath, ignoring the gazes and discussions of those around him. Rudy’s puzzled look threatened to see through Jackie’s body.

Grayson frowned as well. He gave a measuring look at Jackie, seemingly wondering who Jackie was. He had never seen Jackie before.

The vice treasurer looked at Jackie, not knowing what to do. He stood on the spot in panic.

Jackie stood behind Rudy resolutely. The puzzled expressions shifted between Jackie and the vice treasurer.

No one knew who Jackie was, but as the leader of Heavenly Pills’ team, the vice treasurer definitely did. The vice treasurer definitely knew of Jackie’s skills and talents as well.

Constance and Zayne exchanged a look. Both of them could see the confusion in each other’s eyes. They knew more about Heavenly Pills than any regular disciple.

After all, they had to deal with much more matters as one of the people in power. They both knew the value of information. Yet, they had never heard of a master in Heavenly Pills nor had they ever seen that person.

Could Heavenly Pills have also received the news before hand and decided to hide a master in their midsts?

Various speculations started to run in their heads. They looked at the vice treasurer with inquisitive expressions. The vice treasurer was struggling to keep his speechless demeanor.

If the situation had been appropriate for it, he would have rushed right in front of Jackie and asked if Jackie’s brain was working properly.


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