No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2448

Gilbert looked like he had swallowed a few flies. He had been incredibly hopeful that the vice treasurer would have said those words to him, but the vice treasurer did not even spare him a second glance.

The vice treasurer had placed all his hopes on Jackie. It was as if Gilbert and Andrew were merely there to make up the numbers.

Andrew had a bitter look on his face as well. He has had a lot of conflicts with Gilbert in the past, and their relationship was not something that could ever be fixed.

Yet, thanks to Jackie, he had put those grudges at the back of his mind.

Andrew said with a dark look on his face, “Vice treasurer, you seem to have placed all your hope on Jackie.

“However, you should still remind Jackie that even though his talents are pretty good, he should still not get too arrogant.”

Those were incredibly condescending words. Andrew was incredibly furious at that moment and did not really hold back.

Gilbert added hurriedly after that, “Andrew is right. Even though Jackie’s talents are quite good, he shouldn’t be too arrogant. Those words won’t do you any good.”

Jackie was speechless at their jabs. Jackie had not said anything the whole time, so where was that arrogance they were speaking off?

It was obvious the two of them could not find anything else to mock him about, and casually decided to place the flaw of arrogance on him. They were also trying to tell the vice treasurer to not treat him too well.

Jackie could not be bothered to fight with the two of them, but he knew very well that they would just take things for granted if he kept on retreating.

He coldly smiled and turned around to look at them, “Don’t be jealous. If you have the skills, then the vice treasurer will place just as much importance on the two of you.

“You keep saying I’m arrogant, but how have I ever acted so?”

Those words completely stuffed their mouths. They could not even think of anything to reply with. Their plan had been to forcibly stick the label of arrogance onto Jackie.

“Stop trying to cause more trouble at this point. If no one managed to enter the top five and become a student of the alliance this time, Heavenly Pills’ reputation would be ruined!”

Jackie took a deep breath as he turned around. Looking at the groups that were slowly taking shape, he no longer wanted to delay things.

Either because he was too angry or because he could not figure out how to fight back. Gilbert stomped over to the east group. Andrew’s lips twitched as he followed behind Gilbert.

Both of them were not talented in discerning materials. They could only rely on forming pill runes to prove themselves. Jackie looked at them standing at the back of the group and sighed helplessly.

Sometimes, he did not want to show off too much, but he was usually forced to. The vice treasurer frowned when he saw that Jackie did not move and said, “Why aren’t you going over? If you go any later, Elder Horst will ask questions.”


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