No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2447

In the beginning, Constance and Zayne merely stood by the side, not caring about the matter. They wanted to let the situation develop by itself. Yet, as Grayson and Rudy’s fight got more and more intense, the two of them were forced to stand out.

They were forced to separate Rudy and Grayson. After all, the quarrels between the younger generation needed to have their limits. If it exceeded the limits, it would affect their relationship. It was something Rudy and Grayson did not want to see.

It was almost fifteen minutes already. Elder Horst sat on his chair as he idly looked on at all the bickering and discussions. Once the time was up, he stood up from the chair.

He clapped loudly and said, “Alright, time’s up. You must have already decided how

you’d prove your talents.

“I suppose I don’t have to tell you about the different methods. Split up into groups right now. The ones who want to condense pill runes stand in the east.

“Those who want to discern materials can stand in the middle. If you want to prove yourself by refining a pill, stand in the west.

“However, I have to first remind you. If you want to prove yourself by refining a pill, you’ll have to refine sixth-grade pills if you want to prove yourself that way. Fifth grade pills are all trash here.”

After saying that, Elder Horst waved. Everyone hurriedly stood into their groups. Most of them were in the eastern most group. There were about ten who stood in the middle.

In truth, everyone knew very well that those who became a student through discerning materials would not get the best resources. After all, their talents were not in alchemy, but in discerning ingredients.

They would be welcome as stewards, but it would be incredibly difficult for them to become sixth-grade and above alchemists. It was practically impossible. Grayson looked on snidely at everyone else as they split up in the groups. He immediately walked toward the west side.

He had come here for the sake of receiving the best of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s resources. The other reason was to show off his talents to everyone else. He wanted everyone to know that he had a talent that surpassed everyone in alchemy, that no one could compete with him.

As Grayson walked over, Rudy hurried over to the west side as well. There were only the two of them on the west side at that moment.

Everyone was filled with admiration and jealousy when they looked at the small group in the west.

Sixth-grade alchemists were the target for most of the people present. Yet, for the two of them, it was merely a shortstop. They might even have already achieved it, so how could everyone not be jealous.

Jackie and the others stood behind the vice treasurer, not moving. Gilbert’s sharp eyes fell on Jackie. Andrew had his eyes on Jackieas well.

Jackie’s lips twitched helplessly at their looks. Even though they did not say anything, Jackie knew very well that the two of them would not move if he did not.

The vice treasurer looked over at Jackie when he saw that the groups were almost formed. He said, “Go ahead and queue up. There’s quite a bit of pressure today, but I feel like your performance in the pill aura room was not your limit.

“It’s a rare chance today, so you have to seize it. Even if you can’t compare to those two, you still have to become one of the five disciples.”

As he said those words, the vice treasurer had an incredibly serious look on his face. It was as if all the vice treasurer’s hopes were on Jackie. Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, wanting to say something. Yet, he swallowed the words back after thinking about it.


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