No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2446

“You might be onto something, but I still feel like there’s another reason…”

“Why are you guys going further and further away from the main topic? Didn’t you hear what Rudy just said? He wants to refine a sixth-grade pill! What does this mean?! It means that Rudy’s talents are on par with Grayson’s!”

“We really can’t compete with people like them. We’re still frustrated over forming pill runes, but they’ve already started to refine sixth-grade pills. Even if they refine the most basic sixth-grade pill, it would still be enough to prove themselves as sixth-grade alchemists,

“Don’t forget where we all are right now. We’re all on the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s vessel.

“As long as they can successfully refine a sixth-grade pill, the alliance would approve

of their status and give them the badge of a sixth-grade alchemist! With that badge, everything they want to do will be much easier!”

The discussions broke out everywhere, and Jackie’s ears started to hurt. Jackie sighed helplessly as he momentarily ignored the clamor.

He looked over at the vice treasurer with a serious expression and said, “How many ways are there to prove my talent and skill? I can only think of one at the moment…”

The vice treasurer looked at Jackie strangely as if he was surprised at Jackie’s ignorance. However, it was not the time to look for any explanations at that moment. He had a good impression of Jackie, and he needed Jackie to save his reputation, so the vice treasurer patiently answered Jackie, “There are three types. It’s actually common knowledge, so I can’t believe you don’t know. It looks like your master never taught you. The first is the most basic, which is forming pill runes and using them to judge your talent.

“The second type is to refine a pill.

“The third way is a bit more complicated. You’d have to prove your talent by determining the age and authenticity of various spiritual grasses and materials.”

When Jackieheard all that, he got even more curious and replied, “You can even verify grasses and medicines to prove your talent?”

The vice leader nodded, immediately knowing what Jackie was thinking, just looking at Jackie’s expression. “No matter pill merchants or the alliance, we need masters. Being able to verify materials at large volumes is also an exceptional talent.”

“The alliance really needs talents like that. Whether it be gathering materials outside or purchasing them, they would need those people to support them. Most of the Heavenly Pills’ stewards rely on that to climb to their positions.”

Hearing the vice treasurer’s explanation, Jackiefinally realized something. The vice treasurer was right. He had forgotten something important. No matter Heavenly Pills or the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, they were all directly related to pill refining!

Refining a pill did not just need an alchemist. It also needed various spiritual grasses and materials. Being able to tell materials apart was naturally a special talent. Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but look at everyone present.

Before, he had felt like some of those people could never become a student. Yet, a question appeared in his heart. After all, the ability to discern materials was not something that was easy!

Jackie had been deep in his thoughts when the discussion between Rudy and Grayson started to get more and more heated. The two of them were bickering like roosters about to fight.


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