No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2445

Earlier, the two of them did not have much of a change in expression when Elder Horst had talked about the special selection.

It seemed like everything had been within their plans.

That had obviously made the vice treasurer nervous.

The strongest among all the leaders there were the two of them as well as the vice treasurer. Yet, the vice treasurer was the only one who had not gotten any news as well.

It was obvious he would be anxious.

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

After A deep breath, he said, “What will come will come. If it’s a blessing, then it will be one. If it will end up badly, we wouldn’t have been able to avoid it anyway. It’s just a selection test. Even if the news had been leaked early on, you probably wouldn’t have wanted to send the eldest student here anyway.”

The vice treasurer turned to look at Jackie and said, “That’s not necessarily the case You have to be willing to give up something to get something bigger. The Rosefinch Pavilion is even willing to bring Grayson over. There’s no reason for us to hold back.”

Jackie nodded, unable to argue against that. If the positions were switched, he might not have done like the vice treasurer had said and give up. After all, Elder Horst did not seem like someone ordinary. Scheming against someone who was already used to it was not something he i would like to do it.

“I know you’ re planning on refining a sixth-grade pill in front of everyone this time. Isn’t that right?” Rudy suddenly said loudly.

Grayson’s face darkened.

Rudy had said precisely what was on his mind.

Grayson had planned on announcing that at the start of the test.

It would cause everyone to admire him even more, as well as surprise them.

However, Rudy mentioning it would greatly reduce the impact. Grayson had enough of a life of being looked down and trampled on.

The moment he had talent and ability, he wanted everyone else to see it.

Grayson laughed coldly, ‘”You’re right. I was planning on refining a sixth-grade pill. Rudy, are you planning on doing the same as me? Saying that made Grayson let out a pleased smile.

He had dug a hole for Rudy since he firmly believed that he would be the only one who would be able to refine a sixth-grade pill among everyone present.

Rudy might be talented, but Rudy was definitely no match for him. Yet, Rudy put on an incredibly pleased smile when he heard Grayson say that.

“What a coincidence! You’re right, I really was planning on refining a sixth-grade pill just like you werel”

The moment he said that gasps could be heard throughout.

The shock on everyone’s faces could no longer be held back.

Grayson saying he wants to refine a sixth-grade pill that had already shocked them, but they were still able to keep their calm.

After all, Grayson’s talent was clear for all to see.

It was still acceptable that he would want to try refining a sixth-grade pill.

Yet, Rudy did not have Grayson’s reputation.

Rudy wanting to refine a sixth-grade pill shocked everyone incredibly.

Their expressions had thoroughly changed. The discussions exploded among everyone.

Oh my god, two masters in one go! lt looks like the recruitment this time really is extraordinary. I wonder what kind of trouble the alliance is in. Why are they nurturing someone else’s masters?

The alliance definitely has its own plans.

I’m guessing that the alliance is doing so to smooth over the problem they’re facing. Even though they’re nurturing the masters on behalf of others, the masters would be able to help the alliance with tasks in the short term after they’ve grown.”


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