No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2444

Grayson let out a cold laugh and replied, “All of you are here just to make up the numbers. Please think about who you are. At least you’re brave enough to talk to me like this I suppose.

If you can form five hundred pill runes,,I could acknowledge you. However, looking at your face, being able to form a hundred pill runes would already need a lot of talent!

The person that had been berated by Grayson turned red. He suddenly looked like a deflated ball, unable to say anything else. Grayson had been right. He could not even form a hundred pill runes, let alone five hundred.

After all, the Way of the Pill had always been something deep and profound.

Without outstanding talent, there was no way to learn how to form five hundred pill runes in a short amount of time.

The difference between his talents and Grayson’s was right there for all to see. Even if he was stubborn, it would quickly be useless, since they would have to take the test soon.

“Grayson seems very confident in himself..”The person behind Constance suddenly said.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows and looked over.

He noticed that it was the same guy who had looked at them with a disdainful gaze when they greeted Constance earlier.

The vice treasurer had reminded the rest of them that the person was probably incredibly talented looking at them like that, on top of Constance’s earlier giddy attitude.

Jackie had deduced that the person’s talent Would only be slightly inferior to Grayson’s or he would not have made an expression like that. Grayson frowned and turned around to look at that person.

“It looks like you’re not acknowledging my talents, Rudy.”

Rudy Glasc let out a small laugh as he shook his head and voiced out, “Grayson, your talents are obvious. There’s nothing for me to not acknowledge. It’s just that you’re incredibly confident. It’s something I should learn from you.”

Rudy’s words sounded a little strange.

Grayson’s face stiffened when he heard it.

His gaze slowly turned cold as he looked at Rudy.

A tense atmosphere was slowly forming between them.

However, it was not the kind of tension that would lead to a battle.

They wanted to compete in alchemy.

Rudy’s words had sounded incredibly nice as if he really admired Grayson’s talents.

However, Jackie was no idiot. He could tell from the tone that Rudy did not regard Grayson highly at all.

He probably felt like he was better than Grayson as well.

Jackie could not help but raise an eyebrow. It seemed like there would be an entertaining show to watch.

At that moment, the vice treasurer was already next to them and had an incredibly bitter look on his face. His eyes seemed to be dancing around. Various thoughts were flying about in his mind.

“What are you thinking about, vice treasurer? “Jackie asked curiously.

The vice treasurer let out a sigh, “Whatever that has happened today feels more and more off. Those two guys clearly knew that there would be something different about the selection beforehand.

“Otherwise, they would not have sent out their two most talented disciples. This news never reached Heavenly Pills. I feel like Something’s off. Elder Horst seems to be treating them a little… “

The vice treasurer shut his mouth after that. His expression turned even more sour when Jackie knew that he was referring to Constance and Zayne. The two of them had obviously come prepared.


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