No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2443

“I’ll remind you again. The selection this time is different from usual. Once you are chosen, you’ll be nurtured heavily. Becoming a sixth-grade alchemist would just be the start.”

Those Words caused everyone present to widen their eyes. It had spurred everyone’s thirst for victory. It was such a golden treasure. All of the students present felt their mouths are watering.

Nurturing from the alliance that had never been seen before. It would absolutely not be an empty promise.

Even though it sounded like sweet words to lure them in, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was not a small group.

They naturally had to keep to their Own words.

The moment they thought about the nurturing they would receive, their hands started to tremble excitedly.

An impulse seized their bodies.

Yet, Jackie did not care about the last few words that Elder Horst said.

Fifteen minutes for everyone to think about how they could prove their potential and abilities. Jackie wondered how an alchemist could prove their abilities other than by forming pill runes.

Jackie could not think about it for that moment.

Even though there were so many people present, none of them were sixth grade alchemists.

The only way to prove their skills was through forming pill runes.

The number and quality of pill runes could be used to gauge someone’s talent. Just as he was thinking about it, Gilbert could not help but laugh next to him.

“Look at all of them… They’re coveting something they won’t have. It’s as if they’d already Won. Did they not hear that there would only be five out of everyone here?

“Do they think their talent is enough to beat everyone here? They should look at themselves in the mirror first!”

Thankfully, Gilbert was still self-aware enough to know that he would definitely be attacked by the crowd if he had said that loudly. So, he had deliberately whispered those words, causing Jackie and Andrew to be the only ones able to hear those words clearly.

Andrew could not help but roll his eyes at those words. Jackie had a cold laugh in his heart. Gilbert was clearly an idiot. Was he talking about everyone else or himself?

“You really don’t know your place!”

Grayson’s words were suddenly heard by everyone. Jackie frowned as he looked up at Grayson.

Grayson had his eyes narrowed as he looked at everyone in disdain.

He seemed to be mocking them for not knowing their place.

When Grayson saw everyone looking up at him, he snorted in contempt.

There are over eighty people present, and the alliance only needs five. If you want to become a student of the alliance with your petty skills, you should first look at yourselves in the mirror first! You’re all acting so excited.

It’s so laughable!

Those words were no longer just words of snide mockery. He was practically scolding everyone present for not knowing their own strength.

Even though everyone present admired and acknowledged Grayson’s talent, it did not mean they would just stand around and be insulted like that.

It did not mean they would just wag their tails and listen to whatever he said.

Someone could not help but shout out, “What do you mean by this, Grayson! We never said anything, so why are you trying to mock us ? We’re already here, so we naturally want to fight for it or why are we here otherwise?”


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