No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2442

Jackie raised an eyebrow. It was obvious from the vice treasurer’s expression that he had not known about it at all.

Other than Zayne and Constance, everyone had looks of shock on their faces.

To not have to discard their current positions and still receive the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s resources.

It was both good news for the student and the forces behind the student.

It was the same as the alliance basically raising someone else’s child for them.

No one would have believed such a good deal existed if they had not heard it themselves.

Jackie frowned as he looked at the elder suspiciously. Even though it sounded like a good thing, Jackie knew very well that no one ever willingly gave up their own benefits for the sake of others, let alone a group like that.

The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance must have its own reasons for doing so.

Elder Horst let out a small cough to quiet everyone down. Everyone’s discussions died down as Elder Horst raised his hand.

Elder Horst smiled and said, “I know what you’ re all trying to guess. In truth, there’s no need to guess anything at all. The alliance is in a bit of trouble, and we need the help of some masters. That’s why we asked everyone to gather here!”

Elder Horst’s words were vague. It did nothing to reduce the suspicious looks on everyone’s faces.

Elder Horst continued to say, “You don’t have to worry, This matter won’t involve all of you too much. It’s an alliance secret.”

“When the time comes, you’ll find out naturally. All you need to know is that this matter won’t affect you negatively.”

After that, Elder Horst turned around.

The servants behind him pulled over a chair for him to sit in.

After Elder Horst sat on the chair, he looked at everyone present with a sharp look.

He could tell that his words had done nothing to reduce the suspicion and confusion.

He looked up and said again, “The way we’ll be choosing the disciples will be very simple. All you need to do is prove your talent and skill. It doesn’t matter how you prove it. We just want to choose the best five.”

Even the testing was not uniform? Jackie felt like it was even more strange after he heard that.

Normally, tests should always be universal. Only with uniformed tests could the truly strong and weak be determined.

He turned to look at everyone else. Even though everyone had varying expressions, no one was as suspicious as Jackie. It seemed like nobody felt that Elder Horst’s words were that strange.

It seemed like he understood far too little of the alchemist profession. After all, he might have been an alchemist in Daxia, but he had never picked up that status ever since He came to the Hestia Continent.

His understanding of the Hestia Continent’s alchemists was only at the surface level.

Elder Horst coughed softly and said, “I’ll give you fifteen minutes to think about how you’re going to prove your skills and talents. After that, the test will begin.”


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