No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2441

A few of the leaders paid their respects as well, they all cried out, “Greetings, Elder Turner .

That person was an elder within the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. No matter where it was, the status of an elder was still well respected. Jackie could not help but take a second look at Elder Turner.

He looked very friendly. His face was round and smiling. Only, there was a sharp ruthlessness that could not be hidden within his eyes. It proved that he was absolutely not as friendly as he would seem.

Elder Turner waved at all of them and said, “Everyone, thank you so much for coming.I never expected so many people to be here today, but with the orders from above, we have to obey.”

After elder Turner finished those words, he looked at everyone meaningfully. After then, he put up five fingers and said, “Five! Today, we’ll only be recruiting five disciples!”

Jackie was not the only person stunned at those words. Everyone stiffened on the spot, noticeably caught off guard. Only five students? There were at least eighty of them on the deck.

Eighty of them were considered talented individuals in their own ways. To only pick five from eighty proved how strict the selection was this time!

They only wanted to choose the best of the best, but was it not too strict when they were only recruiting students? Was there something else hidden behind all this? Elder Turner’s words suddenly pulled everyone into a discussion again.

There are eighty here, but they only want five! Isn’t that too strict? They’re just recruiting students. Before this, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance only wanted some students with slightly better talents.

“After all, there’s no need to be so strict when it’s just students! We’re all prodigies from where we came from, Only choosing five of us! It’s no different from when some major clans choose their disciples! The Middle Province Alchemist Alliance is being far too strict!”

That’s right. What are they planning Today is getting stranger and stranger. Grayson is a treasured disciple of the Rosefinch Pavilion.

They would never let him even see anyone else normally, so what’s with today? They’re actually giving him away today! This is far too strange!

Grayson’s talent was undoubtedly at the peak among everyone there. After all, he was already able to form eight hundred pill runes. No matter how confident Gilbert was in himself, all he could do was barely form three hundred pill runes.

Most of them present were not even at Gilbert’s level, let alone Grayson’s.

Furthermore, Grayson had only learned the Way of the Pill for a very short time. He had done all of that in just a year.

His talent for alchemy would be incredibly favored even in a sixth-grade clan.

Rosefinch Pavilion might have a good relationship with the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, but it was still not to the degree where they would just give away their treasured disciple.

No one standing there was an idiot.

They had naturally found the happenings of that day incredibly strange. Elder Turner could naturally see what they were talking about, but nothing could be read from his expression.

When the discussions below started to die down, Elder Turner said, “The students we are recruiting today are different from those before. The students we recruit today will be heavily nurtured by the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, and you won’t have to leave your current positions.

The moment those words were spoken, Everyone present gaped. Even the leaders of the students all had widened eyes and expressions of disbelief.


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