No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2440

Jackie heard the vice treasurer’s words and went deep into thought. With the way the vice treasurer was speaking, the situation did seem like it was getting stranger and stranger.

With how talented Grayson was, there was no way Rosefinch Pavilion would let him go just like that, no matter how you looked at it.

There had to be something behind it.

He was only going to become a student, someone who could not possibly compare to an inner disciple at all. Furthermore, Rosefinch Pavilion was a fifth-grade clan.

Grayson would not need to worry about getting any resources to nurture his potential.

Rosefinch Pavilion’s higher-ups would definitely do everything they could to nurture him.

As long as Grayson could grow, he could even become a seventh-grade alchemist in the future.

It would greatly benefit Rosefinch Pavilion. Practically every clan wanted their own alchemists.

Once the alchemist matured, he would be able to help refine pills for the clan’s own disciples and even nurture another generation of alchemists.

Yet, alchemy was a profession that requires a lot of talent.

Not everyone could do it.

“He can’t come here to be a student!'” Gilbert said obstinately.

The vice treasurer helplessly pursed his lips as he looked at Gilbert.

He really felt like Gilbert’s brain was becoming more useless.

He turned around, looked at Gilbert seriously, and uttered, “No matter what /ou say, you shouldn’t be so obstinate in the future.

“Even though there’s no way this guy will be handed to the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance to become a student no matter how you look at it, the circumstances are unique today. Everyone is here because they want to become a student.

“On top of that, with the alliance’s actions prior to this, there might be some secret hidden behind everything, so you shouldn’t voice out in such a pigheaded manner.”

Gilbert’s expression soured immensely when he was spoken to like that. He turned his head to the other side, and his mood was incredibly bad at that point. He felt like the vice treasurer kept on targeting him.

With Jackie around, the vice treasurer was completely ignoring Gilbert. Gilbert felt angrier and angrier the more he thought about it.

He started to clench his fists.

He had to prove his talent and ability. No one was allowed to look down at him!

As the four of them talked, Mr. Zayne had already headed toward Mr. Constance Zayne’s face was all smiles as he waved at Winston. The two of them chatted for a while before they brought along the others to a quiet place.

Jackie had seen everything, and could not help but feel curious. He glanced over and saw that the vice treasurer had a look of anger and suspicion in his eyes.

Rosefinch Pavilion should have been in a better relationship with Heavenly Pills since Heavenly Pills were in their territory, but it seemed like the two of them were much closer than they were with the vice treasurer.

As the two of them talked, they had incredibly friendly smiles on their faces. The surrounding discussions slowly died down. After a while passed, the sound of slow footsteps could be heard from within the vessel.

They looked over and saw someone in a white robe walking out toward them. The man had a smile on his face and was slightly chubby.

When the vice leader saw the person, he immediately straightened himself. He walked forward as well. Jackie immediately knew that the person must be someone important in the alliance from the vice treasurer’s reaction.


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