No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2439

Even Gilbert and Andrew were stunned. Their eyes were filled with contusion.

Jackie frowned as he looked at them, not understanding what was happening.

He did not understand why their reactions were so big. As the two people stood on the deck, the discussion around them got louder.

Even with the distance, Jackie could hear what those people were talking about.

“Isn’t Grayson already an inner disciple?! Why is he trying to steal our student positions ? Or do they have other plans?”

“Who knows? They probably have some plans that we don’t know about, Haven’t we heard Grayson’s name being mentioned a few times before?”

“That guy is a master. He’s not that strong in combat and was merely a runner disciple for many years. However, ever since he started to show some amazing potential in alchemy, his value started to rise, It only took him a year to rise into an inner disciple from a runner disciple! Everyone’s so envious of him”Jackie blinked.

No wonder they reacted the way they did.

Grayson had relied on his talent in alchemy to change his fate .

Jackie knew very well what a runner disciple was.

Ever since arriving in Hestia Continent, he could feel the difference between various disciples very clearly.

Runner disciples might be called ‘disciples’, but they were mostly just in charge of dirty work. They were merely just a step above a servant.

Even outer disciples did not do any of them.

They might be able to obtain some resources for training, but they needed to spend a lot of time on laborious jobs. Runner disciples were no different from students.

Compared to inner disciples, it was a humongous difference. For that person to rely on his skill in alchemy to turn into an inner disciple from a runner disciple shows how superior his talent was.

No wonder everyone was talking about him.

He had turned into the center of attention, gaining many looks of admiration.

Grayson’s looks were average, and so was his stature.

However, his back was incredibly stiff, as if everyone could only look at his back forever, and never catch up to him!

Jackie could see the arrogance that exuded out of him.

He might be talented, but his personality was probably not that great. “Hello, vice treasurer!” The person next to Grayson waved and said.

The vice treasurer furrowed his eyebrows slightly, but he still buried his earlier feelings and waved back, “Hello Mr.Zyne!”

The two of them exchanged greetings before they turned their heads away.

Jackie could not help but laugh in his heart. It looked like the two of them did not have a great relationship.

The vice treasurer’s face was incredibly dark from the moment he found out who they were.

His expression was incredibly worried.

He had still been able to compose himself before, but he had completely forgotten about it after that.

“What happened? Why is Grayson here as well? He’s the treasured child of the Rosefinch Pavilion. He managed to form eight hundred pill runes less than a year after learning the Way of the Pill!x

“It’s just that the quality of his pills isn’t good enough to be at fifty percent refinement yet. It’s only a matter of time until he becomes a sixth-grade alchemist.”Rosefinch Pavilion would usually hold on to such a treasure tightly.

They might tell everyone how much potential he has, but they would absolutely not allow him to go and contribute blindly to the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance!”


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