No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2438

“In the future, Heavenly Auction House could take pride in that. However, us trying to open a few stores unexpectedly got us involved with Golden Pills.They deliberately hatched a plot. We weren’t that familiar with the local situations and ended up falling for it. Not only did we fail to open up any stores, it even affected our reputation.”

“During that period, even our businesses in Rosefinch City were affected. We were basically a laughing stock. It was so humiliating. It was only after that we found The culprit was Golden Pills.”

Jackie frowned. It looked like a lot of things had happened back then. Even though the vice treasurer did not go into the details, Jackie could more or less tell what had happened back then.

The biggest impact for a business was naturally a product defect or going against a deal.

No matter which problem happened, it would be a massive blow to both the store and the powers behind the store.

Looking at the vice treasurer clenching his teeth as he spoke, it was obvious how difficult things had been for Heavenly Pills after what had happened back then. Jackie let out a sigh, not continuing his questions.

However, Gilbert said at that moment, “Those guys are so shameless. They were the ones who plotted against us yet they’re still so arrogant in front of us. It’s as if we were the ones who wronged them!”

The vice treasurer looked at Gilbert with narrowed eyes. He felt like the brat only seemed smart, but was acting more and more like an idiot. He even said something like that.

He could not help but purse his lips, “We quickly managed to uncover the truth back then. It means that Golden Pills had no intentions of hiding it at all. They had clearly wanted us to know they were behind all of it.”

“We were always in the same line of business which made us rivals. Since we were already rivals, that added onto it and made us enemies.”

“Since that’s the case, they would naturally not be polite to us. They just don’t have the chance to reach out so far for now. If they managed to expand their forces to the outer regions, they would definitely deal with Heavenly Auction House with all they have!”

The moment Andrew heard that he started to shake in anger, “They’re so petty and shameless! They’ve really gone too far!”

Jackie felt like all of that was actually quite normal. The vice treasurer was right.

Their relationship was already at that stage.

It’s obvious what both sides want, so they would naturally be at odds with each other.

At that moment, the volume in the surroundings started to increase.

Someone said loudly, “Isn’t that the Rosefinch Pavilion..”

“Even the Rosefinch Pavilion is here. It seems like the recruitment this time must be different.”

There was suddenly a loud clamor of discussion. It caused the four who were in the corner to pause. The sounds of footsteps could be heard on the deck as two people in red robes stood on the easternmost side.

The two of them did not look so different in age.

Their robes looked like burning flames.

Jackie whispered, “They’re from Rosefinch Pavilion?”

No one answered Jackie’s question, but the vice treasurer’s next words served to give Jackie his answer. “Why is it them? Grayson Jones is here as a student? Is the Rosefinch Pavilion willing to let him go just like that? This is absurd! What’s happening..” The vice treasurer felt like his mind was about to stop working.


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