No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2437

“However, for there to be so many people here, even from the inner region, means that the news has actually spread long ago but was probably kept secret by the alliance instead.

What do you think the alliance wants?

That was the question Jackie had been thinking about, but he knew far too little, so there was no way for him to guess anything.

The vice treasurer looked at Jackie with praise.

Jackie was still the one who was able to grasp the key of the problem and ask some meaningful questions.

The vice treasurer thought for a long time before he slowly shook his head.

“I can’t figure it out either. I feel like something strange is hidden behind everything, but I haven’t received any special news lately…”

Jackie sighed. Even the vice treasurer did not know, so there was no way for him to know at all.

He turned to look at everyone on the deck.

The excitement on their faces was obviousS.

After all, becoming a student of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was a much better position than their current ones.

They would receive a lot more resources and their future journeys would be a bit smoother.

Those who were there had naturally gone through a selection process. Many of them were like Gilbert, filled with confidence.

They felt like their talents would make them shine among the others.

Jackie shook his head as he pursed his lips, pushing those thoughts aside for the moment.

He turned around and looked at the vice treasurer earnestly before saying,”Did you have some past conflicts with Mr.Constance?”

Just now, M Constance and the vice treasurer had a very tense atmosphere between them.

Their words were polite, but looking at their expressions and the atmosphere, anyone would tell that a fight would erupt at any moment. Mr Constance coldly snorted as his expression suddenly darkened and uttered, “That dog keeps causing trouble for me.I feel so disgusted every time I see him.”Jackie raised an eyebrow.

It was just as he thought, both of them were like tire and Water.

The vice treasurer let out a soft cough before he continued, “I actually don’t have any conflicts with him. The biggest problem isn’t between him and me, but between our two pill merchants.

“Heavenly Pills is the best within Rosefinch Pavilion. With Heavenly Auction House behind us, the usual powers would not dare to touch us. However, Golden Pills is different. They are a force from the inner regions, so they aren’t afraid of Heavenly Auction House!”

Jackie raised an eyebrow curiously and replied, “Since Golden Pills is an inner force, then they shouldn’t have too much to do with us…”

The vice treasurer nodded as he thought of the conflicts in the past. He let out a soft sigh.

He said helplessly, “As the Heavenly Auction House got bigger and bigger, it’s started to expand out of Rosefinch Pavilion’s territories.”

Hearing that, Jackie immediately understood.

He said, “Did Heavenly auction House try to do business in the inner regions? It was probably stopped by Golden Pills since it would affect their profits.”

The vice treasurer nodded, “Your guess is right. We really were planning on moving our businesses to the inner regions, but we weren’t too worried. We merely planned on allying with some forces in the inner regions and opening a few stores.”

“After all, the outer regions are different from the inner regions. The forces and clans in the inner regions look down on us as we are from the outer regions. The head treasurer felt that moving our businesses into the inner regions means we’ve become an inner region force.”


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