No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2436

“Elder Horst is the one in charge today. You’re from the inner regions, so you probably don’t know him that well. Instead of chatting around with me here, why don’t you try to learn more about Elder Horst.”

Those words successfully stopped Mr. Constance from saying more. He shot a deep look at the vice treasurer before he dismissed himself, bringing the two students away.

However, the student that stood in front suddenly shot Jackie and the others a cold and dark look before they left.

The student’s eyes lingered on Jackie the longest. Jackie had naturally felt it, so he raised his head and looked back with a calm gaze.

The student let out a cold snort before he turned away, ignoring everyone.

Once the three of them had left, the vice started to look like charcoal.

Look at how pleased that guy was.

If he weren’t confident, he would not have acted that way. He’s clearly waiting to stomp on me.”

Gilbert had on a sour expression and wanted to say something, but was stopped by Andrew. “What is the alliance planning? Are they trying to pick out the most Outstanding student among everyone here?Vice treasurer, how many do you think the alliance will want?”

The vice treasurer sighed and thought for a bit before saying, “I can’t say. They will at least want twenty, or they wouldn’t be doing everything in such a grand manner. It’s just some students. Recruiting twenty in one go shouldn’t be that hard.”

Jackie frowned before he suddenly said, “You actually thought that the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance only notified Heavenly Pills. It must be because the news hasn’t been spread out.”


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