No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2435

The vice-treasurer’s lips twitched. “Those b*stards. Why are they all the way here?”.

Jackie raised an eyebrow at this as he stared at the vice-treasurer curiously. Gilbert and Andrew had sour looks on their faces as well.

It looked like Golden Pills and Heavenly Pills had a very strange relationship.

There seemed to be animosity between them, even.

There were three of them from Golden Pills, and leading the group of three was a middle-aged man in purple gold robes. He looked around as he smoothed his beard, seemingly looking for someone.

The moment his gaze fell on them, his eyes immediately shifted to the vice-treasurer.

The vice-treasurer’s expression soured even more. It darkened so badly that it started to look like charcoal.

The middle-aged man suddenly had an incredibly meaningful smile on his face.

He led the two youths behind him as they walked toward them. “Hello, Vice-treasurer!”

The vice-treasurer forced out a smile as he politely greeted, “Hello, Mr. Constance.”

Andrew whispered that the man was an owner, but Jackie felt like it was a little strange after thinking of the vice-treasurer’s status.

Since Golden Pills was a pill merchant as well,and they should be similar to Heavenly Pills, why was that man called an owner? Could Golden Pills be some sort of franchise Mr. Constance seemed very happy.

It was as if he had picked up a million spirit stones, and even his smile threatened to stretch his mouth open.

“Vice-treasurer, have you been well?I heard that your son was recently accepted into a sixth-grade clan as an outer disciple I still haven’t congratulated you.”

A fake smile was plastered on the vice- treasurer’s face. “Thank you for remembering.”

Jackie could tell that the vice-treasurer did not want to talk to that guy anymore. It was as if another extra word would cause the vice-treasurer to suffer.

However, Golden Pills and Heavenly Pills were not completely at odds with each other, so he still needed to maintain some basic manners. That was why the vice- treasurer worked hard to maintain a neutral expression.

Mr. Constance seemed to have just noticed Jackie and the others behind the vice treasurer, It was as if he had discovered Something new, and something shocking at that.

“Are these the new students you had just raised? I heard that the last batch was incredibly bad, so you abandoned them quickly.

“After that, you had to hurry to pick up a new batch. It looks like you must’ve been working really hard.”

Those words were so sly that it rendered them speechless; it was practically provoking Heavenly Pills.

Jackie knew the man was telling them that Heavenly Pills would be tossed aside the moment they lacked the talent.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, deciding to ignore Mr. Constance.

The vice-treasurer smiled coldly. “It wasn’t that tough. You must’ve suffered even more than us, We just got rid of one batch, but I heard Golden Pills has failed to nurture any amazing alchemists in the last two batches. Isn’t your head very busy troubling over this?”

Mr. Constance stiffened at his response, and his face darkened immediately. He wanted to say something more spiteful to provoke the vice-treasurer, but the vice treasurer had beaten him to it.


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