No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2434

The vice-treasurer raised an eyebrow as he sighed in exasperation.

“Don’t be too overconfident. I know you’re confident in your talents, but know that Some of them here are incredibly gifted people. Your overconfidence will result in you being unsatisfied, and you’ll be locked behind a bunch of doors. When that’ll fall.”

The vice-treasurer’s words were vague, but all three of them understood. The vice- treasurer knew the tricks and schemes that Gilbert had pulled before, and he wanted to remind Gilbert of that.

If he truly became a student of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, Gilbert would have to throw away those petty thoughts of his. Otherwise, these thoughts could pull him down and incur great losses for him.

The vice-treasurer’s words came from a position of kindness, but Gilbert saw it in an entirely different angle. To Gilbert, he felt like the vice-treasurer had belittled hirm after witnessing Jackie’s talent and skills. He felt like the vice-treasurer was looking at him in disdain.

Gilbert’s lips twitched as a ferocious glint flashed in his eyes. He told himself that he would someday prove himself to those who thought too little of him, once he made a name for himself.

He would let them pay the price of trampling him.

Of course, he did not dare voice out his thoughts at that moment.

He took a deep breath and suppressed the rage in his heart. “I understand, Vice-treasurer. It’s just that I’m still very confident in my own skills.

After all, I successfully formed three hundred pill runes. Eight hundred pill runes is the threshold to becoming a sixth-grade alchemist, and I’m already so close to it. I should be able to become a sixth-grade alchemist in just a year. “Gilbert’s chin rose as he spoke.

In his eyes was a determined expression, as if his words left no room for doubt.

The vice-treasurer frowned at this, clearly feeling that Gilbert had taken his words out of context.

The vice-treasurer’s lips twitched. “You definitely are able to form three hundred pill runes, but the runes you formed can’t be refined at all. The benchmark for a sixth-grade pill is a fifty-percent refinement. I’ve seen the pill runes you’ve formed, and you won’t even be able to refine them at ten percent, let alone fifty.”

Gilbert’s face darkened.

He felt like the vice-treasurer was targeting him, so he decided to just shut his mouth and straighten his back.

He wanted to use his skills to prove that everything the vice-treasurer had said was wrong.

Jackie definitely had talent, but no one knew how long talent would hold out. He would surely catch up to Jackie and exceed him tremendously.

Jackie quietly looked at Gilbert, who refused to accept advice, and his expression.

Jackie smiled helplessly. He had seen many people like Gilbert, and all of them claimed to be extraordinary, feeling like they would be able to stand out.

Nonetheless, it was often those who praised themselves so much that ended up with the worst failures.

Just as Jackie was thinking about everything,

Andrew suddenly broke the silence, saying, “Vice-treasurer, aren’t they from Golden Pills?”

The vice-treasurer’s expression soured even more at that. He frowned as he looked toward where Gilbert was pointing.

He saw a purplish-gold glow surrounding a few figures that were approaching from a distance.

In a flash, the figures landed on the deck.

The glow dissipated, and the persons hidden were revealed to everyone. After getting a clear look, the vice-treasurer looked like he had swallowed a fly.


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