No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2433

The vice-treasurer had his eyes on the people up ahead when he made his remark. From the way everyone dressed, there were different clusters of similarly dressed people.

It meant that various groups, clans, or merchant groups like Heavenly Pills were looking to be students in the alliance.

After all, the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance was a massive group; it was the holy land for all alchemists.

Becoming a member of the alliance meant that a person’s status would skyrocket, and they would not even need a nomination to be tested.

They would be able to buy cheaper materials from the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, too.

Basically, there were tremendous benefits to entering the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, which was why so many people were gathered for it.

Of course, the more benefits there were, the tougher the competition. There were too many masters there, and it was difficult to earn any favor. The entrance examination was far too difficult as well, and regular folks would never pass.

That was why anyone with an influential group behind them flocked over like bees to honey the moment they heard of the chance.

‘Look at those in blue,” remarked the vice- treasurer with a sour look on his face as he rubbed his chin.

Gilbert frowned. “Is he a Silent Moon Pills student? I can’t believe they found out about this, too,”

The vice-treasurer was visibly displeased. “I thought that the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance had deliberately leaked the news to us. I had thought that we were something special to them.”

“After all, our Heavenly Auction House might not be much in the inner regions, but we’re still quite reputable in the outer regions…”

The vice-treasurer could not hide the bitterness in his tone when he spoke. Jackie, Andrew, and Gilbert naturally understood how the vice-treasurer felt at that.

The vice -treasurer sighed helplessly. “It looks like you won’t be able to enter with just a word; you might even need to go through a selection later. You’ll have to make sure you perform well.

“I refuse to believe the alliance will accept everyone in one go. Even if they wanted to do that, they don’t have the resources for all of you.”

Jackie nodded.

He felt like the vice-treasurer was right.

If the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance recruited so many people in one sitting, it would be a massive waste of resources.

The students present had not been brought up in the alliance’s systems from the start.

They came from various groups and forces so they would have different understandings and upbringings.

This, in turn, needed a large amount of resources for the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance to nurture them.

It would cause quite a large amount to add so many disciples in one go.

Unless the alliance desperately needed a large number of disciples, they would not do so.

“Don’t worry. Even if there’s a selection, I won’t fail it.” Gilbert’s words were filled with confidence.

He did not even spare a second glance at all the students around them.

His talents had been at the top of Heavenly Pills, and Heavenly Pills was incredibly well-known in Rosefinch City.

He refused to believe that his talent and ability could not grant him entrance into the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance!


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