No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2432

They were still in Heavenly Pills, after all. Even if Jackie was irked, he could not kill Gilbert and Andrew. Thus, he should leave the place as soon as possible. It would save him a lot of trouble.

Once he made a name for himself and had nothing else to do, he would find these two once more, proving to them then that he was never a character to be thought of lightly.

As if he could see why Jackie wanted to leave quickly, the vice-treasurer hurriedly nodded. “We can leave in four hours. This has always been an urgent matter, anyway.”

Hearing the vice-treasurer’s words, Jackie offered an honest smile. It was best if he left as soon as he could; he did not want to stay for another second.

Jackie wanted to tell the vice-treasurer that he did not need to tidy up anything and could leave immediately.

The pill aura room’s door was suddenly knocked, and the vice-treasurer frowned.


It was the ninth student who entered. When Jackie saw his face, he raised an eyebrow. He could still clearly remember how the ninth student had stood behind the vice-treasurer the whole time earlier.

When he came to look at Jackie’s pill runes, the vice-treasurer had sent the ninth student on his way, and the student finally returned at that point to the vice-treasurer’s side, albeit with an anxious expression.

He quickly glanced at everyone present before he whispered into the vice-treasurer’s ear, mumbling a few words that somehow earned a raised eyebrow and a smile from the vice-treasurer.

He looked up at Gilbert and Andrew. “Well, this is good. The two of you don’t have to be so angered anymore. This time, I’m allowed to bring all three of you. Don’t embarrass me there,”

The moment he said that, a smile appeared on Gilbert and Andrew’s faces, However, what happened earlier had still left a bíg impact on them. Their gríns did not last that long before they regained their Composure.

The vice-treasurer was not that happy, in truth, after hearing the ninth student’s report. Instead, he seemed to have a look of worry on his face, It was as if he was considering something

Jackie frowned. It looked like bringing all three of them was not that good a piece of news to the vice-treasurer. It might end up being a hostile place

Thinking about that, Jackie sighed. It seemed like he would never have an easy path.

They ended up on a massive, luxurious floating vessel. It was floating in the southem part of the Rosefinch City’s skies, and it was as big as 20 football fields.

Normally, such a big vessel would have covered the skies, yet the vessel seemed to be made of a special material that did not cover the sunlight at all despite it being in the air.

The light would be reflected by the spiritual vessel when it hit, much like a distorted mirror. It reflected all the light that should have hit the earth.

At that moment, the vessel was incredibly bustling. At least 70 people were standing on the deck. The long deck was like a miniature plaza, and even a few hundred people could fit inside without a problem, let alone 70 or 80.

Jackie and the others followed closely behind the vice-treasurer. They arrived on top of the deck, and the vice-treasurer gave them a briefing. It was then did Jackie find out that the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance’s branch was on the vessel.

It was probably because there were too many people, or that the vice-treasurer did not like crowds, but the vice-treasurer pulled everyone to a secluded corner the moment they arrived.

“I didn’t expect the alliance to go all-out this time. They leaked all the news and released the restrictions. So many people are here so abruptly.”


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