No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2431

Gilbert and Andrew had no chance of outdoing Jackie, which aggravated Andrew into utter defiance.

He took a deep breath as he turned around. He looked right at Jackie’s eyes, his gaze piercing right at the man.

Jackie raised an eyebrow as he coldly looked at Andrew and Gilbert.

Gilbert pointed at him and said through gritted teeth, “Form them again!

Otherwise, I won’t believe you!”

It was obvious how heavy and complicated Gilbert’s feelings were at that moment, but Jackie merely laughed as he then stared at Gilbert condescendingly, coldly.

“Who do you think you are? Must I do it just because you asked me to?

“Why do I care if you believe it or not? The vice-treasurer saw what I did. Why do I care what the two of you saw?!”

Those words slammed Gilbert like meteors from the sky, and Gilbert’s expression became darker by the minute.

He felt like he would never defeat Jackie when it came to a duel of words.

Jackie-even down to his response-was right.

“I don’t care! If you don’t prove yourself to me, I won’t accept your result. The nomination is still mine!” Gilbert had already gone mad from anger at that point.

If he did not see Jackie form another 300 runes again, he refused to believe all of that was real in the first place.

Jackie was just a student that had just entered Heavenly Pills.

He was the eleventh disciple who was at the bottom.

Gilbert always thought that Jackie was far inferior to him in every way other than combat.

So, even if Jackie beat him to death, he would not admit defeat!

Jackie coldly looked at Gilbert, not wanting to bother talking. He looked up at the vice-treasurer, whose lips were twitching helplessly.

Jackie was so powerful and talented, so Jackie naturally had his own pride.

Gilbert asking Jackie to condense pill runes again was a blow to his dignity, and Jackie would absolutely not agree.

Thinking about that, the vice-treasurer waved his hand. “Alright! I wasn’t the only one who saw the three hundred runes earlier. The other students around me witnessed it as well, so there’s no need for further proof.

“I can understand why you’re in disbelief. After all, you both had always thought that you were the only ones who had learned the Way of the Pill other than the eldest disciple.

Yet, reality has shown that there’s always a mountain higher. Jackie has also learned the Way of the Pill before. His Way of the Pill had been taught by his master.”

After that, the vice-treasurer sucked in a deep breath and explained what Jackie had said earlier in a simple manner. Gilbert and Andrew looked like they had just eaten a mouthful of poop.

The two of them still could not believe it. It was far too absurd!

Jackie chuckled, his laughter sounding carefree when he did. “Vice-treasurer, when will we be able to head to the Rosefinch branch of the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance?

It was pointless and troublesome to stay in Heavenly Pills. He had already broken Gilbert and Andrew mentally, and they would definitely cause trouble if he gave them a chance.


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