No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2430

Gilbert had already lost his bearings at that point.

Only then did he realize why everyone looked at him so strangely.

The stares he received, and the students’ expression, had been of sympathy.

Gilbert had formed 300 pill runes, and obviously so.

He remembered how excited he had been after he completed the vice-treasurer’s task.

All that excitement was only met with disappointment like a bucket of cold water thrown over him.

Gilbert trembled slightly. “I refuse to believe it!I didn’t even see it! It’s all fake-everything is fake! How could Jackie from three hundred pill runes? He’s never even looked at the Way of the Pill.

This is all an illusion, and you’re all lying to me!” roared Gilbert.

His hands flailed around him as he clawed at his surroundings while he shouted. It was

like he truly believed it was an illusion, and he was trying to struggle out of it.

He refused to believe it was all real nor was he willing to.

He had clearly proven with his skill that he was the one most qualified to be a student at the Middle Province

Alchemist Alliance..

Jackie stole that from him!

The vice-treasurer frowned. Gilbert’s reaction had both been expected and unexpected.

After all, Jackie’s results had shocked even himself. If he had not witnessed it personally, he would not have believed it either .

However, Gilbert’s behavior was a little too erratic.

The vice-treasurer took a deep breath as he sternly added, “There are things that happen even if you refuse to believe it. There are many talentS in Heavenly Pills. You might have a lot of potential, but you’re not the strongest.”

Gilbert’s face paled as he shook his head with vigor.

“This isn’t real! If his results were better than mine, then why don’t I see a single rune around?”

The vice-treasurer frowned at this. “Jackie formed his three hundred runes much earlier before this, and we’ve all seen what he did.

Pill runes aren’t something that lingers.

“Jackie was waiting for you and Andrew, and he’s not in the spring solidifying realm yet. There’s no way for him to constantly use his true energy, which was why he dispersed it before you even finished.”

Gilbert’s expression contorted even more at this, his expression becoming deranged.

He turned up to look at Andrew as he shouted even louder, “Do you believe that?! Andrew had an ugly, bitter expression on his face.”

Even as Gilbert spiraled into insanity fueled by disbelief, his eyes never left Jackie.

He stared at Jackie sharply, keenly, as if he could stare right into Jackie’s soul.

After hearing Gilbert’s words, he reacted.

Andrew’s lips trembled as he said, “I haven’t seen it for myself, so I can’t believe it, either. If Jackie can form the pill runes in front of us again, we’ll accept our defeat willingly.”

Andrew was not willing to admit defeat.

He would not be so unwilling if the winner had been Gilbert.

After all, Andrew knew that Gilbert had a leg up as compared to himself.

As expected, Gilbert had managed to Condense the runes even faster than he did, but he never would have expected a sudden dark horse to appear in their competition.

Jackie had robbed them of the nomination so blatantly.

Further more, the guy seemed better than them both.

According to what the vice-treasurer said, Jackie’s pill runes were far better than theirs in both speed and quality.


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