No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2429

The vice-treasurer’s lips twitched.

There were things he did not want to bother to say, but he was forced to.

The vice-treasurer pointed at where Jackie had been before.

‘Jackie had already completed the condensing of three hundred pill runes a while ago, and the quality of the runes he condensed was far better than what the two of you formed.

The runes he formed will surely merge with the pill and have a refinement of over fifty percent.”

Only after he said that did Gilbert and Andrew snapped out of their stupor. Jackie had already completed the task a while ago, and the quality of his pill runes was higher than theirs.

After hearing that explanation, Andrew and Gilbert lost their composure.

“Vice-treasurer, are you taking me for a fool? scoffed Gilbert. “Can this brat really condense pill runes? How long has he been in Heavenly Pills ?

“He’s never even seen the Vermillion Fire Pill, so how could he have condensed pill runes?! Did he trick you somehow?

The vice-treasurer raised an eyebrow at this and said, “I Know it’s difficult for you both to accept what I said, but the truth is the truth. Everyone here bore witness.

“Jackie had indeed condensed three hundred pill runes in a very short time, The two of you have lost. You can’t compare to Jackie for now,”

Those words were incredibly agitating to hear. Gilbert froze on the spot, his face looking like he had swallowed several flies.

He could not even shut his mouth.

Damien could understand how Gilbert felt, so he consoled Gilbert, “That brat had a good master. He would’ve never been able to accomplish this had it not been for that master!

‘So you’re telling me everything the vice- treasurer said was true?!” snapped Gilbert.

Damien’s expression changed as he had no idea what to reply with. In the end, Gilbert was still his friend, and if Damien did not tell Gilbert the truth, Gilbert would only make himself look bigger of a fool.

Damien nodded.”Don’t get angry. This brat isn’t anyone ordinary. We just lost to luck”

Damien’s words did not seem like they meant much, but on a second thought, there seemed to be a deeper meaning behind it.

Jackie became even more curious at this. What had their secret plan been? Did it involve anything else?

Andrew shook his head with a crazed expression. “He… He won! Why? Why can he do it but we can’t?!”

Andrew became more furious as he thought about it, his sharp gaze focused on Jackie. Jackie, on the other hand, could not be bothered with what these lunatics would do.

After all, they were no match for Jackie, even if they worked together. It did not affect him at all.

“I refuse to believe it! I refuse to believe you can do it. I want to see you do it again!” demanded Gilbert thunderously.


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