No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2428

Gilbert practically shrieked when he proclaimed his success, and it was obvious how excited he was, so much so that he was almost tongue-tied, too.

The vice-treasurer, however, frowned, his expression rather stiff.

Gilbert looked at the vice-treasurer with an uncanny expression, wondering why the vice-treasurer gave him such a peculiar stare. It was as if his results were not even Worth the vice treasurer’s gaze.

The whole situation weirded Gilbert out.

His performance had been incredibly exceptional, so why was he receiving the strange look? He had just learned the Way of the Pill not too long ago and achieved quite the feat. Someone like him would only appear once every five or six years in Heavenly Pills!

Why, then, was the vice-treasurer not happy at all looking at him? Gilbert’s lips twitched as he immediately shot a look at his good friend, Damien.

Gilbert then noticed that Damien was looking at him just as oddly. He could even see a hint of regret and pity in Damien’s eyes.

Gilbert’s expression abruptly soured. He anxiously looked at everyone around him as his hands shook. “Hey… Why isn’t anyone saying anything? I passed the vice-treasurer’s benchmark.”

After saying that, he suddenly turned around to look at Andrew.

Andrew was still immersed in condensing his runes.

From his pace, Andrew probably did not need that much more time to complete the vice treasurer’s task.

Alas, Andrew could not compare to Gilbert After all, Gilbert was faster to complete the challenge.

The vice-treasurer coughed slightly as he helplessly muttered, “You did complete the task I asked you to, but…”

The vice-treasurer then paused, unsure of how to explain the situation. He glanced at Jackie before he noticed that the pill runes Jackie had condensed earlier had been dispersed by Jackie with a wave of his hand.

The area was empty.

This aggravated the vice-treasurer even more. He pursed his lips and suddenly found himself in a difficult spot. Just as the vice-treasurer was mulling over how he would explain it to Gilbert, Andrew finally completed his last stroke.

Andrew let out a long sigh as he looked around excitedly. When he saw Gilbert standing in front of him, Andrew’s heart jumped a little

He turned to look at where Gilbert had been before; it was a sea of red in his spot. 300 pill runes were laid out tidily. Looking at the Scene, the look of excitement on Andrew’s face vanished instantly.

He lost! He still lost!

Nonetheless…he knew that he merely lost because he was younger than Gilbert. He had not lost to Gilbert in talent. He would be no match for Andrew had Andrew been the same age as him.

However, the vice-treasurer had stated everything clearly. The prize for the competition had been a nomination, and that had fallen into Gilbert’s hands.

Thinking of that, Andrew could not suppress his indignance.

He rushed forward and sneered, “Alright, you won, but know that I’m not happy about this. If we entered Heavenly Pills at the same time, you wouldn’t beat me at all!”

Gilbert’s mind, mean while, was racing When he heard those words, he turned around angrily. He clenched his teeth as he looked at Andrew as if he was about to pounce at any moment.

The vice-treasurer immediately interjected when the situation began to worsen as he said, “What are you two even fighting for?! I here by announce…the nomination belongs to Jackie!

No one around them reacted oddly exceptt for Gilbert and Andrew. Everyone looked at the two of them with pitiful expressions.

Gilbert and Andrew were stunned when they heard the vice treasurer’s words, wondering if their ears had tricked them.

The nomination was Jackie ‘s Why was it his? Was this not a battle between the two of them? Had Jackie not been a completed It?

Those questions floated about their heads. The two of them could not voice any questions for a moment as they looked at the vice-treasurer with a stunned expression.


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