No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2427

Jackie had the confidence, so it was natural that he did not want to remain with Heavenly Pills. “I know you’re sincere in your words, but I’ve already set a goal for myself long ago. I won’t sway in my vision so easily.

“I have to go to the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance. There might be a lot of masters that’ll try to suppress me, but I believe that the added pressure will only give me more motivation and spur me forward”

Jackie’s determined words had taken the vice-treasurer aback, baffling the man. He did not want to see Jackie leave. The ability and talent that Jackie had shown earlier made it evident to him that Jackie was a prodigy that must not be released.

If Jackie stayed with Heavenly Pills, Jackie would no doubt bring them tremendous benefits.

Then, his own stock would rise greatly, and he might even become an elder in the clan.

Jackie immediately understood after he glanced at the vice-treasurer that the man would not give up easily. After taking a deep breath, Jackie continued, “Heavenly Pills has helped me a lot, and I surely won’t forget what they’ve done for me. If I make a name for myself in the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, I’ll definitely come to Heavenly Pills’ aid should they encounter any trouble. Please, allow me to fulfill my goal!”

Jackie hurriedly bowed at the vice-treasurer before he added, ‘”I’ll always remember your recommendation.”

When the vice-treasurer heard that, he could not help but frown. He swallowed the words that had already been at the tip of his tongue, It was obvious that Jackie was already determined. If he remained obstinate, he might completely screw things up. If Jackie hated him, then it would be a great loss.

The vice-treasurer mulled over it for a long time before he nodded helplessly. All he could do was pray that Jackie’s words had not been lies.

“Since you’re already so determined, I won’t stop you. I hope you’ll remember your words today.'”

Jackie nodded earnestly, showing that he would not forget his words. Jackie did say those words to escape Heavenly Pills, but he was always a man of his word.

If Heavenly Pills truly did encounter any problems in the future, he would help where he could.

The vice-treasurer let out a sigh, his face full of regret.

If Jackie had chosen to stay in Heavenly Pills, there were much more benefits to he gained. However, Jackie did not think Heavenly Pills was enough. Jackie’s heart was already set on the Middle Province Alchemist Alliance, so he had no choice.

The surroundings were once again plunged into silence. All the students exchanged looks among themselves. In all their eyes were envy and jealousy. Various emotions mixed together, and they all looked at Jackie with complicated expressions.

They were no fools, of course. They could tell that the vice-treasurer had been very eager to have Jackie stay. As long as Jackie stayed, it would bring tremendous benefits to Heavenly Pills in the future.

It was frustrating to compare themselves to Jackie.

Raphael could not help but clench his fists.

The admiration and jealousy in his face threatened to seep out. He wanted so badly to prove himself to the vice- treasurer, all for the sake of obtaining more resources in the future.

However, the things he would risk his life to achieve were met by Jackie’s disdain. Jackie wanted nothing more than to climb even higher.

Just as everyone wallowed in their bitterness, Gilbert’s voice was suddenly heard.

“I’ve done it! I’ve succeeded! Look, vice- treasurer! Three hundred pill runes! I’ve done it!


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